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Winzo brand ambassadorWinzo brand ambassador

You may have heard that Winzo just chose prominent Indian YouTuber Carryminati to represent the company’s brand. Click the link below to download Winzo if you haven’t already. This software enables you to earn millions of rupees each month simply by playing video games. Only for participating in the game will you receive a bonus of Rs. 550 free cash.

You must first register for a WinZO Gold account using an Indian phone number. So if you live in India and want to earn money playing games on your smartphone or tablet, don’t be hesitant to download the WinZO Gold APK.

Carrom, cricket, bubble shooter, fruit samurai, knife up, memory crazy, fantasy league, and trivia-based puzzles are a few of the roughly 70 games on the website. The platform on which all of WinZO’s games are offered supports 12+ regional languages, and a variety of formats, and 60% of the platform’s total content consumption is made up of non-English content.

Paavan Nanda and Saumya Singh Rathore formed it in 2018, and it has its headquarters in New Delhi, Delhi, India.

Winzo has appointed YouTuber Carryminati as a brand ambassador, according to Rajkot Updates. Define victories

Winzo Brand Ambassador

Players can earn money while participating in more than 100 games thanks to a program called WinZO Gold that is available in India. It also incorporates social networking and game authentication capabilities, eliminating the fraud, bots, and scams that are typically seen in social games.

Both a free and a paid version of WinZO Gold are accessible. You can play for free in the free mode, and you can pay to play in the premium mode to win real money rewards. Any money you rightfully win in the game will appear on your account right away, where you can use it to continue playing or withdraw it.

There are offered board games, racing games, and sports games. Among them are well-known games like Parcheesi, bubble shooters, fruit slicers, basketball, billiards, and many others.

PayTM, Google Pay, PhonePe, and UPI are all acceptable ways to make deposits and withdrawals from WinZO Gold. However, you can link your bank account if you wish to avoid using any middlemen.

According to Rajkotupdates. com, YouTuber Carryminati has been chosen as a Winzo brand ambassador. Learn more about the former brand ambassadors for WinZO.

YouTuber Carryminati has been selected as the winZO brand ambassador, according to the most recent article on The brand ambassadors for winZO before Ajay Nager (Carryminati) included Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Bhuvan Bam.

You must first register for an account with an Indian phone number in order to play WinZO Gold. So if you live in India and want to earn money playing games on your smartphone or tablet, don’t be hesitant to download the WinZO Gold APK.

Who is the new brand spokesman for wins? Carryminati

Winzo Brand Ambassador

The top content creators, gamers, and streamers in Asia have joined India’s fastest-growing gaming platform. Ajey Nagar, also known as CarryMinati on YouTube, is well-known. One of the first YouTubers to start playing online games, he has served as the face of the Indian gaming scene. Through this strategic alliance, WinZO, an interactive social gaming platform, hopes to capitalize on its significant market share in India’s gaming market.

The well-known YouTuber will be seen creating strange and intriguing videos for the gaming juggernaut in an effort to appeal to the Indian audience. The platform is certain that the digital phenomena would enhance WinZO’s massive 75 million user reach and its comprehensive offers across 6+ platforms in 12 regional languages. For its unusual comedy skits and rib-tickling roasting videos, the internet phenomenon has gained a sizable cumulative follower base of over 50 million.

An estimated 50 million people follow CarryMinati, a 22-year-old YouTuber who is recognized as one of the key pioneers in the development of India’s online community. 

He hasn’t faced any competition in the race to become the most subscribed YouTuber in Asia and India because of his unmatched talent in the roasting and live gaming categories.


I hope you enjoyed reading the post. YouTuber Carryminati has been named Winzo’s new brand ambassador, according to Games. Google users downloaded the game in their millions. Information on game downloads is available from the Google Play Store. 100,000,000 copies of Cricket and Bubble Shooter have each been sold. Visit Games on to learn more. Youtuber Carryminati has been chosen by Winzo to serve as their new brand ambassador for the most recent gaming news.

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