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Rat Prevention and Control with Odors – Can This be the Answer You Need

Not many people know how interesting of creatures’ rats are. These pesky crawlers can swim, their incisors never stop growing and they can also laugh at you trying to chase them down. However, interesting as they might be, you don’t want them in your house for more than one reasons. 

Also, it is important to know that rats are different to mice. Rats can be much larger, very skittish and not nearly as curious. Rats are also very brave and can sometimes stand their ground instead of running away upon being sighted. Don’t even be surprised if one charges you and even bits on the foot.

Also, we are all aware of the bubonic plague that got caused by rats and their fleas. Rats can be perfect virus and bacteria carriers into your homes and onto humans indirectly. Your pest control services providers will tell you how much of a problem rat infestation can be.

Common Attraction Factors for Rats

To get rid of rats with odors, you first need to understand what attracts them in the first place. Rats are some of the hardiest kinds of rodent pests and can survive very harsh conditions. They love cold and humid conditions. This is why Vancouver and other places in Canada are always big rat colonies. 

Pest control Vancouver service focus on rat control and removal of the highest quality. Also, humid conditions support body growth for rats enabling them to get even bigger. As for eating habits and food preferences, rats don’t have many preferences. They would literally eat any kinds of foods dead or alive.

Your home garbage places are often the most attractive parts for rats as they can eat undisturbed. Any foods with strong sense of smell attract rats a lot. Even if rotting smell of food, as long as there is smell, they will be attracted. Make sure to:

  • Use garbage bins with air-tight lids on them and have them closed shut when not in use
  • Rats can squeeze in cracks and holes as little as quarter of an inch. Seal all cracks and holes in walls or floors keeping them from entering
  • Do not stack any firewood, brick piles, vegetation or other materials that might house rats near the house at all

Can Odors Repel Rats?

Even though many people might think rats and mice to be the same, they are not. While mice might not be very unhappy with most kinds of odors, rats can be. For mice, having a simple house cat can be the solution you need. For rats however, they might in turn scare away your regular house cats instead.

Rats are not scared easily at all and can also attempt to attack humans as well. Other methods of rat prevention have to be considered. Fortunately, rats have a pretty strong sense of smell. Afterall, they are fully reliant on their sense of smell in order to find and locate food.

Keeping this in mind, there should also be some smells that work in the opposite nature on rats. Smells that they don’t appreciate much should deter them away from your house. However, relying completely on odors to repel away those beasts of rats might also not be an option. 

Old Trick with Mothballs

O yes, mothballs are good for pest and insect repellents. It is a strong belief that mothballs also repel rats. Their strong pungent smell even repels humans from opening boxes and going into storages. Also, homeowners have relied on mothballs for centuries in order to repel pests and insects.

However, there is no actual scientific evidence of mothballs working for rat prevention. For a fact, the National Pesticide Information Center has specifically advised to not use mothballs as rat repellants. Even though rats may find their smell unpleasant, they might yet not be forced to move away.

In most cases of pest infestation, you are better off calling a pest control Surrey service or for whichever area you are in. Professionals know what is best for rat prevention and is also human friendly at the same time. 

Rat Prevention with Peppermint Oil

For such a long time in various parts of the world, peppermint oil has been used to repel pests of all sorts. Mice and rat control have also relied on peppermint oil thorough history. Also, peppermint oil is a naturally non-toxic and non-offensive smell for humans as well. 

However, experts are divided on the opinion that if peppermint oil is effective at all in deterring mice and rats. The way it gets used and where it gets used also affects is efficiency greatly. Also, it is proven and is rightly believed that peppermint oil has elements that rats hate.

As a matter of fact, no single method has yet been proven to be the ultimate rat repellant answer in terms of odors. Different solutions can work different depending on many factors. You best bet will always be to contact local pest control services for best results.

Final Words

Rat prevention along with other pest prevention are some of the most significant requirements for modern homes. Where old believed odor rat prevention techniques might fail, you need to get professional pest prevention service.

Professional service providers always know what is best for rat prevention and human health. It’s a delicate balance that you must not get wrong at all. Have rats removed from your household and keep them from entering again with tried and tested pest control services.

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