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With cricket, especially IPL, everyone is filled with zeal and enthusiasm. Cricket is one of the most popular sports universally, from children playing in the streets to world cup championships on a national level; cricket has seen massive growth in recent years, especially in popularity.

Cricket enthusiasts play fantasy cricket, a game of virtual cricket that allows them to create their teams with players of their choice, which only builds the excitement of every match. They can create their own fantasy cricket team and win matches. It involves using their analytical skills and knowledge of the sport to select players. Some even go for career-building opportunities in cricket.

Few reasons cricket is the most lovable sport.

1. Exciting sport

Cricket enthusiasts know how exciting the sport is and how unpredictable the results can be. There is no such thing as knowing who will win or lose. However, every time a cricketer breaks his old records in almost every tournament, it is one of the most exciting parts of cricket. This part creates thrill and excitement in the audience and engages them till the end.

2. Connects people all over the world

Cricket is such an uncertain sport that one minute makes you happy, and another minute can ultimately take a three-sixty degree turn and make you sad because maybe your favorite team is losing. This sport is a mixture of many feelings. Sometimes, referees make poor decisions, frustrating thousands of fans. From disappointment to excitement, cricket brings forward a plethora of emotions.

As fans wave flags and hands in the stadium, they show their emotional connection to the game.

Even the fans at home stop with their daily activities to enjoy the live match. All that matters is their game of cricket and the team they created very meticulously and carefully, keeping every player’s strengths and weaknesses in mind.

3. The world-class quality of cricketers

Another thing that makes cricket one of the most beloved sports is its wealthy and skilled athletes worldwide. These cricketers are beyond icons to many people, apart from their thrilling performances breaking world records. Therefore, they are so loved and cherished by their fans worldwide.

4. Better competition level

People cheer for them before the start of the match, who will lose and who will win. Then, they cheer for their favorite teams. Some teams have been dominant for years, but the sport tends to be much more competitive now. That is especially the case in the short form of the sport, in which it is well known that everyone has the potential to beat everyone else. So you can’t expect anything more than a sport full of zeal and enthusiasm.

5. It is one of the most engaging sports

Cricket enjoys massive popularity and media coverage all over the world. Whether big or small, all cricket events are covered extensively in digital, televised, and print media. Moreover, whenever there is a cricket match, it becomes the central theme of most commercial advertisements. Because of this enormous coverage, cricketers and cricket associations have attracted many sponsors and promotions. Moreover, many cricket players have earned so much respect and popularity through their excellent sport and have made vast fortunes by developing in other commercial activities through cricket.

It is the most popular sport in the world. While watching and playing, fans eagerly wait to read and see their favorite teams winning. There is no doubt cricket is a fantastic sport to play and watch could become popular for several reasons.

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