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For a good reason, fast casual eating is one of the restaurant industry’s trendiest and fastest-growing areas. Fast foods are reasonably priced and, most of all, fun. Meal baskets and cones are among the most popular presentation types for these crowded eateries and food trucks. To deliver a hot Reuben or burger with a side of fries, jollibee-menu and trays are the perfect media instead of the ceramic ware used in formal dining or the super informal paper plates used at home. Despite coming in a broad range of shapes, sizes, and materials, meal baskets and appetizer cones aren’t designed to hold food alone; they require a good lining.

Given that liners complete the presentation for a fast-casual eating experience and that there isn’t much of a cost difference between plain and custom-printed liners, it only makes sense to reap the rewards of employing custom-printed kraft paper and butcher paper basket liners.

  Here are some of the reasons custom food basket liners are important 

  • Highlights the color palette that represents your company.

While simple white liners are fantastic for bringing contrast and style to sandwiches on dark bread, for example, they make for a much more uniform appearance and feel if your basket liners can match and enhance your restaurant’s brand. This might be as straightforward as a basket liner with a solid color that draws attention to an accent color in the restaurant’s design or one with a red and white checkered pattern that complements your tablecloths. If all your baskets are the same color, they may be made to complete the basket itself.

  • Includes your restaurant logo or other branding messages

Because consumers will read this paper during their meal, why not use that opportunity to support your branding efforts with a specially printed logo or tagline message? Alternatives include adding text to support your brand’s personality and mission.

  • Boosts the benefits of takeout bags

One of the reasons why fast casual dining is so popular with clients is that many prefer it over drive-through fast food, even if they don’t have much time to eat a formal dinner. Because of this, many of your customers will probably purchase a basket with the intention of dining in but want to leave before they’re done. The following natural action would be to carry out what is still in the basket liner after wrapping it up. Suppose your basket liner has a personalized message, offer, or branding choice printed on it. In that case, it immediately becomes a mobile advertisement that may draw in clients from wherever it goes after it leaves the restaurant. Finally, adding a logo for only a few cents more makes sense since custom-printed kraft paper, or butcher paper is just as operationally sound as plain basket liners.

In conclusion, food basket liners are essential. If you don’t use the paper liner, there’s a chance that the food in the basket will come into contact with servers’ hands, customers’ hands, and other unauthorized food contact surfaces. A barrier is formed between the food and the basket by food-safe paper liners, resulting in hygienic serving. Additionally, food can always become lodged in the tiny crevices at the basket grid intersections, regardless of how thoroughly baskets are cleansed. Fresh food is kept out of any spots a cleaner could have overlooked.


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