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Reasons to Love Portable Speakers Systems What makes a portable speaker system so great? There will always be ups and downs when it comes to a sort of system, what we love about them and what needs to be changed or even slightly adjusted. In my opinion, there are many reasons to love portable speakers and everything that they offer. In my opinion, there are many reasons to love portable speakers and everything that they offer. With it you can make anything more fun, from playing golf in Salgados Golf Course to studying in your room! But before we go into detailed listing of all the reasons, everyone has their own personal reasoning for everything on what they like and dislike

What are Portable speaker Systems?

Today there are two different kinds of portable speakers, first starting with the small little devices that you can fit into your backpack or handbag that come in multiple colors, waterproof, Bluetooth features and some extra features, but sadly those aren’t the systems that we are talking about. The original portable speakers are the much bigger speaker systems that have more of a compact body that an average speaker that you find doesn’t have. Compared to the small Bluetooth speaker and the regular pa system, the sound quality of the pa system is incomparable when it comes to the quality of sound for its size, whereas the Bluetooth speakers are more for a personal use and very small gatherings between not more than 5 people.

 Reasons to Love PA Systems? 

Starting off with the obvious, the most important part of all and also in the name is it being “portable”. The fact that it is portable is its biggest advantage, for all speaker systems being able to be a one man’s job and not cause to much hassle really takes the stress off and causes less damage to the physical body. Being able to travel around and take it with you to any location as it fits perfectly into a car or any other sort of transportation. Setting up the whole system is even easier as it would all take less than 5 minutes to do, through simply setting it down connecting everything together, in which after all that is needed is a cable to use to connect to a phone, guitar, keyboard or any other type of device or musical instrument.

It’s always on the go and can be used for all types of multi-purpose events and such. Whenever you need to buy you must aware about shopping etiquettes. Especially on active speakers they really make everything much easier, as the way they are built is for it to sculpt the sound into the way that you would want it, giving you the full ability to control the system with the controls being set behind the speaker. As it has everything already built in there is no need for a sound engineer to do anything and as time progresses the use of cables on a portable system would not be needed anymore as everything will eventually be wireless and running through the use of Bluetooth which would save everyone’s money and time.

You can see signs of these advancements on some of the systems today, such as the Bose S1 portable system which was just recently launched. Going through these few very good and time effective features that portable systems have, the difference on reading about it and actually owning one makes a huge difference. If you’re trying to decide on which system would be the best option for you, with features on each individual system as different brands offer different things. Looking into price wise what would give you the best quality of sound for a reasonable price, or even a system that is slightly expensive but extremely effective in always and will always deliver. The two items I have selected are two different brands being Bose and Mackie as if you are looking for a brand that is with a reasonable price of a portable speakers systems you should try Mackie SRM150 and Bose L1 Compact System. Take a look at some of their features and just maybe it can help you make up your mind on which system you prefer.

Mackie SRM150 :

Standard portable speakers often differ less in prices and do not meet the sound requirements for a small to a medium crowd. What should we consider in a portable speaker? It should be lightweight, ultra-compact, easy to transport and user-friendly, without compromising the sound quality and powerful volume. Performing in a small pub or in a medium – size convention requires portability with superb features and clear sound quality. The Mackie SRM 150 adapts to professional sound and it is as easy as plug and play. Tough, impact-resistant, with polypropylene enclosure makes the SRM 150 durable. The SRM150 are very small in size compared to many portable professional speakers, they have a built-in 3 channel mixer as well as a very powerful 3 band active EQ that shows the Mackie quality. Not only do they come with a two combo XLR input that provides a 48V phantom power, but also has stereo channels for CDs and MP3 players and being able to mount various mic stands. Having 150 Watts and packed with pure quality of sound, through high volumes and makes it the best personal monitor that everyone would ideally want.

Bose L1 Compact System

At a slightly higher price tag, you can have this high-end compact PA system. Versatile setup, lightweight, phenomenal sound. This PA system can be collapsed for smaller spaces or extended for larger ones. Having six small drivers within the system that each are each set in a position are set at precise angles, this results in a around 180 degrees from vertical to horizontal sound coverage.  With the Bose L1 system has the ability to disperse sound across a wide range of areas for the audience to be able to hear it. Practically weighs 27 lbs. It is easy to carry and very transportable. Built-in mixer, amplifier, and bass ALL IN ONE! The line input mixer provides a perfect balance of live voice/instrument and backing track. There is integrated 2-channel microphone. It comes with Spatial Dispersion technology


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