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Scientists have discovered as well as invented the tools that can build a better future for generations to come. It is no up to humanity how to use these tools. As a tool to build? Or a weapon to destroy?


Technology has become a game-changer as it comes to the future of humanity. Nations with superiority in technology are the nations with a superior attitude towards the world. This superiority helps them achieve their interests as well as their goals. This technological superiority helps them to take an upper hand on other nations. Technology itself has no vivid disclosure. But it has many formats that are the reason for superiority for the nations. Missiles are technology. Missions going for space exploration are technology. Tech embedded Prescription Glasses are technology. Advanced radar systems are technology. The more sophisticated the technology is, the more advanced that technological equipment would be. There is a simple question? Do all the nations have some sort of Missile Technology? Do all the nations have the same sort of Space Exploration Technology? Do all the nations have the same sort of Radar System? The simplest answer is no. That’s where technology changes the entire game. Excellence in technology can make the generations to come obliged with the perfect world order.

  The divide of Rich & Poor.

There always has been a divide between the rich and poor. Different parameters have been influencing this divide over centuries. The divide of Religion. The divide between caste and creed. The divide of resources. The divide of armies. The divide of borders. Each divider has paved the way for the world as well as for humanity to go on the way of a non-symmetric lifestyle. That divide became the reason for the emergence of the nations. That divide became the reason for the emergence of armies. That divide became the reason for the emergence of technology. What if humanity fills this divide in the best way possible? Would it cause harmony in humanity? Or would it cause a slower pace of progress and development in the world? Or would it cause peace on the face of this very earth? The latter is the most probable option for humanity.

  The era of Equal Opportunities.

As humanity is moving in the direction of Digitalization, the gaps in opportunities are being filled very rapidly. If a student wants a degree from a prestigious educational institute, E-learning is available in this regard to provide equal opportunities. If a fashion geek wants to have 3M Safety Glasses he saw wearing his favorite character, he can buy at once online. That’s called equal opportunity in the sphere of fashion. If you want to learn about the training of Navy Seals, you don’t need to meet a soldier or a trainer in real life. You learn it on YouTube. That’s called Equal Opportunity in the sphere of fitness. There are hundreds of other examples. That reflects the era of equal opportunities in the best way possible. About the next generations? As the experts are describing their assessments on this matter, they are convinced that the era of next-generation has the full potential for equal opportunities. The next era has an anticipated scope for the opportunities. It would lessen the gap between Rich and the Poor. It would lessen the gap between opportunists as well as non-opportunists. That’s a sense of relief for the generations to come regarding having equal opportunities in every sphere.

 One World Order.

There has always been an order established in the world. Good or bad, the world has always been an Order-Driven world. Who benefitted the most from those World orders? Nations who helped to establish that order gained the most out of those World Order. But one thing was always ensured. There has never been a One World Order in the world. Nations have been excelling to achieve superiority over their competitors. What all the nations in the world are pursuing a single goal? What if they all are going in a single direction? What if they all are pursuing excellence for a One World Order? That’s the ideal situation where the lifeline of humanity rests. That’s the only greater possibility where humanity has a chance equally anticipated for the rich as well as the poor. These chances are defined by the collective collaboration of the nations. These chances are defined by the collective anticipations of possibilities in the world.

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