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Computer science is the branch of applied mathematics that concentrates on the theoretical aspects of information processing by computers. What makes computer science so challenging to learn? The complexity and repetitiveness. It is a creative art, but you must have a high mathematical knowledge to understand it. A lot of people say I hate computer science. But why? Here are some reasons that students hate computer science:


You Have To Spend Long Hours

If you are proceeding to major in computer science, you can expect many long hours. Homework troubles tend to be long and involved. The concepts are challenging, and you must study to get through the program. Computer science is not rated at the top of the list for programs that need the most time studying and doing homework, but it’s in the more difficult half on that metric. You’ll work longer school hours in computer science than the average student.


Tedious Problems

One thing about computer science is that you’re learning to define things in a form that a computer can understand. You’re going to get hung up on that part of the work, and that’s when work can feel very boring. You might get through most of your assignments and learning in a relatively short amount of time. Then, you get stuck on one problem where the computer doesn’t like what it’s being told. The process becomes quite tiresome, and it can frustrate many individuals.


Compilers Are Complex

Computer science involves more than most individuals think, despite the long hours, high contact hours, and challenging exams. You learn how to program computers, but you also learn how to solve mathematical problems. It’s the art to create efficient code that solves real-world problems. A computer scientist’s work is quite rewarding despite being one of the most difficult degrees in history. For some  it is like hell is empty and all the devils are here when they look at difficult questions. Unfortunately, however, for many, the rewards of this career are not as attractive as they may initially seem.


You Have To Be A Mathematical Genius To Understand Computer Science

If you have an interest in computer science, you need an in-depth understanding of mathematics. While the traditional method of mathematics involves operations and calculations, computer science concentrates on logical thinking, which is how computers think. However, most computer science degrees do not demand you to be a math genius. The subjects you study are generally interesting and not too practical. Even if you are not extremely good at math, you should naturally be curious about puzzles and numbers. Learning computer science is not easy, though. The more complex parts will take years to learn, while the easier ones can be learned within a month. This is why some students feel daunted by this field.

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