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Reasons Why You Need IV Fluids

As you might expect, your body requires regular fluids to remain healthy. But you might not know that your body needs fluids to function at its best. As the name suggests, IV (intravenous) fluids replenish your body with lost nutrients. Did you know that 70% of your body is water? When you lose a significant percentage of this water, your body doesn’t function properly. So to maintain your health, you need to replace it; This is why you need to get IV fluids. 


Continue reading and see more reasons why you need IV fluids.


Decreased Blood Pressure


Your blood pressure helps your heart pump blood throughout your body. When you lose much water, your blood volume decreases, reducing the force with which your heart contracts. As the pressure in your blood vessels falls, your veins appear smaller. As a result, you become more susceptible to conditions that cause your blood vessels to narrow. These include congestive heart failure, Anemia, Kidney disease, Polycythemia Vera, and decreased immunity.


All of these decrease your blood pressure. And as your blood pressure falls, so does your body’s ability to fight infections. So you could quickly get an infection that causes low blood pressure. This can be fatal if your blood pressure doesn’t recover. That’s why you need to keep watch and visit an IV fluids for dehydration near me for a regular check.




With dehydration, your body loses water more quickly than its ability to retain water. As a result, your cells become more concentrated than they should be. And they don’t get enough oxygen. This is because water is vital to your body’s ability to remove toxins and waste products. Water is also critical for your brain and nerves. Without water, your brain can’t function properly. And without the proper function of your nerves, you can’t feel any sensation.


Dehydration can occur for many reasons. But the most common reasons are:

  • Drinking too little water. You should drink water regularly. It keeps your body hydrated and healthy. These can include Juice, Water, Coffee, Tea, etc.
  • Not drinking water like other beverages. Drink a glass of water after drinking other beverages. That helps your body recover any lost water due to sweating or some other loss.


Inability to Fight Infections


When you don’t have enough water in your body, your immune system doesn’t work as effectively, and thus infections can get a foothold. In addition, your immune system works less effectively when dehydrated allowing you to become ill much quicker. Thus it would help to regularly visit an IV hydration near me for regular dehydration treatment.


Decreased Immunity


Aging renders your immune system less effective. It can take longer for you to get over an infection. And when you do, it takes longer for your body to repair any damage caused by the infection. Your immune system naturally loses effectiveness over time. Diseases and disorders can also reduce it. 


The damage caused by an infection or disease lasts longer because your immune system isn’t as strong as it used to be. You need to visit an IV therapy near me and replace some of these nutrients with IV fluids. Your body doesn’t produce them. IV fluids replenish your body and strengthen your immune system.


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