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New York City! It’s a city known for its productive economy and cultural, artistic and political environment. Besides this, it’s also known to produce academically thriving students.

NYC has several universities and all the students that graduate are ready for the job market. NYC is a busy region primarily because of the businesses that run during the day and night. So, if you’re joining New York University, it’s advisable to choose nyu dorms because they are cheaper when compared to housing outside the school.

Reasons Why You Should Study in NYC

  1. It’s a city that has something for everyone

NYC has people from different parts of the world. This makes it rich with culture from different parts of the globe. If you visit NYC, you’ll experience different languages, cultures, history, and other things. In other words, it’s a vibrant town. So, you can leave NYU dorms on Friday and enjoy the fun activities carried out in NYC.

Fortunately, since the city accommodates people from different cultures, you will meet sympathetic people who have experienced what you’re feeling and will help you adapt.

  1. It provides a chance to create a network

NYC is a busy town in terms of businesses. So, besides reading, you need to find jobs, and this town provides that chance. Studying in NYC will ensure that you meet people who are in the industry that you wish to join. Networking is the perfect way to get employment.

  1. Easy to get around

First, not everyone can afford a car, especially not international students. Besides, having a car in the busy NYC will trouble you because of the traffic. So, without a car, you’ll still get around quickly. There is a navigation system that can get you around efficiently from your internship job place to school.

  1. Top-ranked universities

Often, students choose a university based on its ranking. Fortunately, if you want to reside in NYC, you’ll find all the universities here are top-ranked. Universities are ranked depending on the performance of the students, the rate at which students earn their first jobs, and the amenities provided.

For example, NYU dorms are modernized to fit the growing needs of students. Besides, the performance of the students is commendable. So, these two qualities make such a university to rank high on the university rank chart.

  1. Experience the real world

Living in NYC is both fun and challenging. It’s a place where you have to toughen up if you want to survive. So, living here prepares you for the real world. After your years of school, you have better chances of conquering the world as compared to other students in other universities.


NYC is a stimulating learning environment. This means you’ll perform well in class and still be able to fit into the working environment after school. Moreover, you’ll enjoy the diversification offered by this city. People who live in NYC would tell you it’s like living a dream. Therefore, consider joining a university in NYC and start living a dream.

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