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Like it or not, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is taking over people’s jobs and we have not seen the end of it. It has even been reported that millions of people will lose their jobs to AI in the coming years.

For the records, these are reports from very trusted and reliable sources. You can read this report for more information about the future of AI and how it is likely to interfere with the labor market. The question is what can people do to ensure that we are not victims of AI? One crucial step would be identifying secure and esteemed careers and making the switch.

Careers in the blockchain industry are certainly high on this list. There is even a talent deficiency crisis that the industry is facing. This places significant demand for professionals in this field and increases their value. This article touches on some of these careers and what they are basically about.

Blockchain Professionals in High Demand and What They Do

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In all fairness, the problem of AI interfering with the labor market is not a new one. The same happened during the start of the industrial revolution but there are lessons to always learn. One such lesson is that such interferences lead to the creation of new jobs.

To this end, several careers in the blockchain industry remain secure and increasingly valued even in the face of AI’s interference. Some of these careers include the following:

Legal Experts

For the record, not all careers in this industry require core technical expertise. Blockchain legal experts are a prime example of this. These professionals ensure that organizations and individuals that use this decentralized technology are not at odds with constituted authorities.

They inform these parties of what can and cannot be done in compliance with pertinent laws & regulations. To this end, these professionals need to be very aware of several aspects of the law including contract law, law on intellectual property, as well as knowledge of blockchain regulations.


They are perhaps the most sought-after right now. Of course, this influences the value placed on them, including how much they earn.

These are reasons to consider a career in this field. Depending on the organization that engages the services of blockchain developers and a couple of other factors, some of the tasks executed by them include:

  • The designing of blockchain architecture
  • Development of smart contract
  • Integration of decentralized technology with existing setups
  • Assessing and selecting the right decentralized platforms for several purposes
  • Performing the audit of decentralized systems
  • Creation of tokens and even cryptocurrencies
  • Figuring out and implementing scaling solutions
  • Performing the upgrade of decentralized systems
  • Node management

These are some of the tasks that can be executed by them. This also goes to show how well-groomed these professionals must be. For this reason, prospects need to receive the right training.

Business Analyst

Blockchain technology fits into various industries because of its decentralized nature, and several other reasons. However, organizations in various industries need to come to terms with how much the integration of this technology can benefit them. One professional is at the core of bridging this knowledge gap – Blockchain business analysts.

This professional helps organizations see reasons to engage blockchain technology in various ways. To this end, some of the tasks that this professional can perform include:

  • Market research & analysis
  • Assessment of business needs – This is crucial in figuring out how this technology can be helpful.
  • ROI analysis – Organizations that consider integrating this technology need to be sure that it will turn out to be a profitable investment. This business analyst runs through the numbers for them. This requires doing an excellent job with a feasibility study.
  • Project Management – Ensures that projects along this line are well-executed.

Although the aforementioned comprises essential tasks by these professionals, it is worth mentioning that there is more to what they can do.

Educators & Trainers

There is so much awareness about various aspects of this technology in such a short period. For example, there is an increasing awareness about the financial prospects of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). Well, educators & trainers in this industry are very instrumental in all these.

To thrive in this career, certain skills are vital for them. These skills include:

  • Having well-grounded knowledge about this technology and its practical application
  • Ability to train people interested in learning about this technology.
  • Being able to effectively communicate ideas and concepts.

People who possess the last two are likely to be great at this career. Of course, this is if they are willing to put in the work towards learning about blockchain technology.


This article has discussed the need for people to consider secure and highly valued careers in the blockchain industry. But what happens to people who have undergone training and become professionals already?

There are numerous job opportunities for such people. This is especially true if they engage the services of specialized recruiters in this industry. You can see for more information on the need to search for blockchain job opportunities this way. For one, it increases the chances of finding suitable opportunities.

Secondly, top-notch recruiters in this field mediate between prospects and employers. These are good enough reasons to search for opportunities in this industry by engaging them.

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