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Bounce houses are enormously popular and have provided parents with a feasible option of keeping children entertained at homes. Children are so much obsessed with bounce houses that it is a central attraction at parties, community events, fairs, and other social gatherings.  Easy hiring opportunities have added to the popularity of the inflatables that ensure complete fun and entertainment for children.

While event organizers are quite familiar with the hiring process, for homeowners, it is not always easy as they lack the information about the industry and its systems. Many people are unaware of how to initiate the process of hiring bounce houses. Visit  My Bounce House Rental Directory for more information.

Choose a rental company near you

Browsing the internet is the best way to locate bounce house rental companies, and you can even get help from friends and acquaintances that have already availed the services. Usually, the rental companies deliver the equipment and accessories free at the location and even install and dismantle it after the event, they would charge extra if the distance is more than the set limits. The companies operate within small distances without charging clients for transportation, and you must choose a company near you to save money.

Gather more information

After you create an initial list of bounce house rental companies in your area, gather detailed information about each company for making a shortlist of 2-3 companies to make the final selection. Look at the websites of the rental companies to understand what they offer and get some idea about the price range and terms of service. Look at the range of commercial bounce houses to match your requirement. It should help to understand what the services include in addition to providing the bounce house and other equipment. Also, look at online reviews and testimonials to gather customer feedback that helps to understand the ground realities about what others have experienced. You will also come to know about what kind of utilities you need to provide and the space requirements.

Health and hygiene aspects

Cleanliness of bounce houses is very important, and you must check if the rental company follows proper sterilization policies to ensure that the equipment is clean and hygienic for use.

Compare quotes

After making a shortlist of 2-3 companies based on your research, invite quotes, and compare it to figure out which would be the best option for you. Besides the price quoted, consider the scope of services to understand the role of the company and know what about your responsibilities. Do not think that the best rate is the lowest because it could be due to the curtailment of some services. Consider the rate in totality to arrive at the right decision.

Check for insurance

Whether your state laws stipulate that bounce house rental companies must carry insurance or not, you must check this aspect too. In the absence of insurance cover, you run the risk of carrying huge liability in case something goes grossly wrong with the setup or it gets damaged.

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