Thu. Apr 18th, 2024

When a loved one is sick or hospitalized, it is important to make them feel special and cheer them up. While there is a limitation to what you can do when they are in hospital, you can do a lot when they are getting discharged and coming back home. It can be a good idea to surprise them and give a warm welcome.

Here’s a look at some tips for what you can do to surprise a loved one:

  • The first idea is to order for get well balloon delivery. These inflatables come with a customized message which you can choose. What makes them special is that they are not just another inflatable but like a gift box. They come in a box that is wrapped with a ribbon. When the receiver opens the ribbon, the inflatable pops out with your customized message of ‘Get Well Soon.’ You have many such options for the balloons. When your loved one gets back home from the hospital, you can give them this gift box and surprise them with what’s within. You can also get some chocolates or soft toy added in the box as per your preference.
  • The next idea is to decorate the room of the loved one with colourful helium inflatable. You can order them online in bulk at affordable rates. Just blow up the inflatable and hand them at random place in the entire room such as near the bed, windows, door, ceiling, table, etc. When they enter the room, it will be a pleasant surprise for them. Who would not love to be welcomed to a bright and colourful room full of balloons?
  • If you are looking for something interesting and unique and wish to do more than normal, go for confetti or sparkle inflatable. Order some colourful inflatables online and pull up your socks for some DIY work. Take the inflatable and made designs from the glitter on it. This will make it attractive. You can also order transparent inflatable and put confetti inside them. When you blow them up, they will look colourful and make the room look splendid.
  • If you wish to give your loved one a grand welcome, why just decorate the room? You can also make the stairway worth taking note when the loved one climbs through it to their room. You can order some helium inflatables and tie them with strings on the stairway on both the sides. If required, you can also use some flowers along with the balloons to make it more magnificent. Make sure the colour of the flowers and inflatable matches with each other.
  • If the loved one getting discharged is a child, you can go for funky decoration. Take some colourful inflatables and attach them on the top of the cones made from craft paper. This will make them look like an ice-cream. Now attach these ice-cream cones on walls.

These are some easy to execute ideas to give your loved one a warm welcome and wish them a speedy recovery. You can order get well balloon delivery and receive them on the same day of ordering.

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