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Restyling swimming pool this summer

With spring retracting, summer is now knocking at our door. When the days get longer and warmer, the urge to spend quality family time in our backyard pool becomes irresistible.

But, before you dive-in, take a look at these amazing ideas to restyle your private pool for unlimited fun and excitement during this summer vacation.

1.  Update your pool fencing

Pool fencing is what makes a lasting impression. So, your outdated fencing is a major subtract from the overall value of your patio or pool. Nowadays, there is an assortment of fencing options, spanning from pocket-friendly mesh fencing to costly wrought iron fencing.

Also, borderless glass fencing is gaining a lot of popularity in the high-end segment.  The glass fencing not only shows off your pool in style, but parents too love the idea of supervising their kids from a distance with a non-obstructed view.

Teak-wood fencing is another option that renders a dash of class and elegance with its rustic charm; however, it will completely screen off your pool arena.

And, lastly, don’t forget to check with the council to make sure you are well aware of the safety and council regulations on installing private pool fencing.

A pool fence does help protect kids from drowning, especially when they are small. However, if the barrier is broken, it offers no protection at all. The most frequent problem people have with their pool fences is that they may be non-compliant or faulty with victorian pool fence regulations.

2.  Jazz up space with LED lights

The real fun begins when the sun goes down, but for that, you require a well-lit pool. Investing in LED pool lights is a pocket-friendly way to spruce up the entire ambiance. You can do so much for lighting. Underwater lights will have an added effect to your pool.

Mix and match multiple lights to align with your mood, decor, or event. Floating lights will light up your backyard pool in style. Also, don’t forget to have extra lighting around the walkway

3.  Invest in an automated pool cover

Having an automatic retractable pool cover delivers a variety of benefits on the front of safety, energy efficiency, convenience, water conservation, and pool cleanliness. Collectively, all these boost the worth of your patio oasis, plus let you save time and money on your private pool ownership.

An automated pool enclosure is made of premium quality vinyl material, driven by a motor, and works on the fundamental principle of the pulley.

What makes this pool enclosure so popular these days is its convenience of use. With a punch of a button (or turnkey), the enclosure quickly covers the pool thoroughly and similarly rolls it up in no time with the opposite command.

The snug barrier created by an automatic pool cover prevents the water in your pool from getting contaminated with the outside world elements. Plus, safeguard your little one or pet from falling into the pool.

4.  Install a saltwater system

Saltwater systems have become a major trend among homeowners owning a private pool. These systems make use of salt to automatically create chlorine in your pool water so you don’t have to call a professional or add it yourself.

Advantages of salt pool water over a traditional chlorinated pool

  • A saltwater pool is very gentle on the skin and eyes, because of the low levels of chlorine.
  • Owners don’t have to handle and add unsafe chemicals for disinfecting the pool frequently.
  • Research suggests that chlorinated pool water contributes to long-term health issues.
  • Saltwater pools require less maintenance compared to conventional chlorinated swimming pools.
  • Salt pool system makes the pool water softer, which is safe for your kids.

5.  Installing vinyl pool liner

Homeowners fall for vinyl pool liners because of their extensive range of patterns and colors. It provides a silky-smooth texture, easy-to-clean, and reduced maintenance costs.

Just by swapping your old, faded, and deteriorated vinyl liner will drastically amp the overall look and feel of your private pool.

Here are five pros of vinyl pool liners over several other options:

  • Smooth to The Touch
  • Fast Installation
  • Cost-Effective
  • Low Maintenance
  • Endless Design Options

6.  Revamp your entire ambiance with pool resurfacing

Although pool resurfacing doesn’t fall in the category of cheap pool swimming renovation idea, it is a powerful tactic to transform the look of your private pool.

Most pools have the standard plaster finish, which generally loses its appeal and shows visible signs of wear and tear over time. There are countless options for pool resurfacing.

You can create an aggregate finish with a magnificent amalgam of colors, shells, and stones. Besides, many material choices present a stunning appearance to your outdated private pool.

If any or all of these pool renovation ideas caught your attention, share your opinion and suggestions in the comment section of this blog post!

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