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When it comes to a control switch, the Eaton DH363URK is a prime choice. Major units for heating, air conditioning and refrigeration all need to have a suitable power connection point within 25 feet of their operation. To insure necessary safety requirements for related functions, the same equipment should have an appropriate safety switch integrated in their circuit for immediate shutoff. The Eaton DH363URK fits the need perfectly. And, it takes out the need for having to run an additional 120V connection up to the rooftop as well.

Built to Work With Heavy Industrial Application

Design-wise, the Eaton D363URK incorporates a non-fusible switch function, allowing a single throw cut off or power connection, as needed. The unit installs as a panel mount, with a 22.5 x 12.5 x 8.5 dimension requirement. The casing is galvanized steel and professionally painted for a finished look and corporate industrial styling.

In terms of quality design, the Eaton switches come capable of 100 percent load break as well as being in both fusible or non-fusible format as needed. All are fully rated as well. The cover for the switches is interlocked. This mechanical feature is a safety design that helps make sure the cover doesn’t just flow open when the unit is positioned in ON mode. A user has to actively work the opening mechanism to access the switch. The ON/OFF switch is also painted in industrial safety red with a ergonomic handle.

Enclosure and Chassis Design

The external enclosure is fabricated from a premium stainless steel, providing a user a higher corrosion avoidance than one typically gets with generic enclosures. That’s a big plus when dealing with installation in areas exposed to regular steam release and heavy moisture. The Eaton switch cases are also significantly resistant to salts, acids, chemicals and marine environments as well.

For easier understanding and operation, the Eaton D363URK panel kit also comes with full labeling on the nameplates as well as tri-lingual displays. And the visible indicators also provide universal symbology for ON/OFF controls as well.

There’s No Reason to Settle for Generic On/Off Controls

When safety matters in terms of a reliable power control switch as well as being effective and capable of handling a full load interruption and re-connection, then the Eaton D363URK is the panel switch your facility needs to be working with for A/C, heating or similar powered equipment. The difference in how the Eaton power switch control works is tremendous, even though the function seems mundane and even simplistic.

Eaton products are a step above the rest of the market when it comes to system and process controls. You’ve invested a tremendous amount of capital and resources to make your production run correctly. So why not protect those same systems the right way with top quality switches, monitoring signals, and process controls? It only makes logical and practical sense. Eaton can help. With control switches for all types of industrial applications, your systems and processes can operate safely and your management of them can work with a bit more peace of mind as well. Seagate Controls is your answer to accessing the Eaton D363URK switch panel and more. Work with our specialists for a custom installation to your facility systems today.

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