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Imagine you’ve got a blank screen staring back at you, and the words just won’t flow. That’s where WriteMeAi steps in. It’s like having a brilliant co-writer right by your side, helping you craft everything from catchy social media posts to top-notch advertising content and even creative pieces like poetry or song lyrics.

WriteMeAI is an AI-powered writing assistant designed to enhance your writing across various content types. It offers tools for social media posts, ads, creative arts, business writing, and long-form content creation. With features like tone adjustment, multilingual support, and copywriting frameworks, it helps improve efficiency, creativity, and accuracy in writing. WriteMeAI is affordable, offers 24/7 support, and boasts an active online community. Essentially, it’s a versatile and cost-effective solution for diverse writing needs.


WriteMeAi is an AI-powered writing assistant offering:

  • Diverse support for social media content, ads, creative writing, and business correspondence.
  • Features like chat support, multilingual writing, and a Chrome extension for easy use.
  • Regular updates, affordable pricing plans, and a user-friendly interface.
  • Benefits include improved writing speed, quality, and organization, with some limitations in chat availability and interface refinement.

WriteMe.Ai Top Features

  • Versatile Writing Assistance: Supports various content types such as social media, advertising, arts, correspondence, copywriting, business writing, and long-form content.
  • Multilingual Support: Translates content into 30+ languages and accommodates 20 different writing tones and styles.
  • Copywriting Frameworks: Incorporates AIDA and PAS frameworks for creating compelling copy and call-to-action (CTA) writing.
  • Long-Form Content Generation: Helps in generating long-form content like articles, reports, blog posts, and more efficiently.
  • Chat Interface: Provides a user-friendly chat feature for quick, human-like responses, brainstorming, and idea generation.
  • Chrome Extension: Offers a browser extension for seamless writing assistance while browsing.
  • Regular Updates: Continuously introduces new features and use cases, ensuring relevance and innovation.
  • Project Manager: Enables easy organization and management of multiple writing projects in one place.
  • In-Built Editor: Provides formatting options and editing tools, eliminating the need for external editing software.
  • Grammar and Plagiarism Checker: Offers a premium grammar checker and plagiarism checker for enhanced content quality.
  • Affordable Pricing Options: Various subscription plans catering to different usage needs, ensuring affordability.
  • 24/7 Live Customer Support: Round-the-clock assistance for users, ensuring prompt help and guidance.

WriteMeAi Writing Use Cases

Now, let’s dive into its bag of tricks. WriteMeAi boasts an impressive lineup of features. First off, it’s a pro at generating social media content tailored to platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Need killer ad descriptions for Google Ads? No problem! This assistant churns out attention-grabbing copy that hits the mark.

But wait, there’s more! For all you creative souls out there—writers, poets, artists—this tool’s a gem. It cooks up ideas, storylines, and even character descriptions for your next big project. Poets, you’ll love the rhyme schemes and style suggestions it dishes out. Songwriters can whip up lyrics that stick in people’s heads.

AI Email Generator:

WriteMeAi email generator assists in creating professional and persuasive email content for marketing, communication, or notifications.

You can simply Input email objectives, audience details, or message themes to generate well-crafted email content.

Use it to create customized email marketing content, newsletters, or notification emails with specific messaging and tones.

AI Story Generator:

You can use WriteMeAI to write Story plots, character backgrounds, narrative suggestions, and creative elements for fiction or nonfiction writing.

AI story generator use case helps in generating story ideas, plots, character descriptions, and narrative elements for writers.

Simply Input themes, character details, or plot requirements to generate story outlines or narrative suggestions.

Social Media Content Creation:

AI Assists in crafting engaging, keyword-rich content for social media platforms, enhancing audience engagement.

How to use it: Input prompts or topics to generate catchy captions, ad descriptions, or content ideas tailored for each platform.

Generate Captivating social media posts, attention-grabbing ad descriptions, and innovative content ideas for various platforms.

Digital Advertising:

Use WriteMeAi to generate marketing content and boost brand visibility and customer attraction.

How to use it: Input product details or campaign themes to generate engaging ad copies or product descriptions.

It can generate Informative ad content, product descriptions emphasizing features and benefits, and compelling marketing campaigns.

Arts and Media:

The tool provides creative inspiration and suggestions for artists, writers, poets, and songwriters, enhancing their creative process.

How to use it: Enter prompts or themes to generate story ideas, song lyrics, poetry verses, or plotlines for books.

You can write creative content such as story plots, song lyrics, poetry suggestions, and character descriptions.


WriteMeAi can create clear, error-free professional messages across various communication channels.

How to use it: Input message objectives or draft content to generate polished emails, SMS content, or notifications.

You can generate Professional emails, personalized messages, and well-crafted communication for different platforms.

Copywriting Frameworks:

It offers AIDA and PAS frameworks to generate persuasive, action-oriented copy for sales and service offerings.

How to use it: Input prompts related to offerings to generate compelling sales emails, sales letters, or CTAs.

Use it to create Persuasive sales copies, effective CTAs, and targeted service offering descriptions.

AI Business Writing:

WriteMeAi Aids in generating business ideas, pitches, proposals, and descriptions for freelancers or businesses.

How to use it: Input business-related prompts to generate business pitches, taglines, or freelance gig descriptions.

Use the tool to write Business proposals, gig descriptions, business taglines, and creative business ideas.

AI Long-Form Content Creation:

Use WriteMeAi to streamline articles, blog posts, and reports writing and boost productivity.

How to use it: Input topics or themes to generate outlines or variations of long-form content.

You can easily generate well-structured articles, blog posts, reports, and content outlines for various purposes.

WriteMeAI Pricing

WriteMeAi operates on advanced AI and natural language processing (NLP) technology, harnessing these to generate content and assist writers across various needs and styles.

The payment plans are as following: 

Pay-As-You-Go Plan: Ideal for occasional writers, this plan offers a free tier allowing up to 2,000 words. Additional word credits of 10,000 words are available for $10.

Freelance Plan: Priced at $10 per month, it offers 30,000 words of writing assistance. Additional 15,000 words can be purchased for $8. This plan suits freelance writers needing consistent writing assistance.

Agency Plan: Geared towards content marketing agencies, priced at $25 per month, it provides 80,000 words of writing assistance. An additional 15,000 words can be purchased for $6.

Enterprise Plan: Tailored for larger organizations with significant content needs, priced at $50 per month, it offers 150,000 words of writing assistance, with an additional 15,000 words available for $5.

Get 15% Off on Yearly Plans!

Freelance yearly plan: $102/year

Agency yearly plan: $255/year

Enterprise yearly plan: $540/year

WriteMeAi Pros and Cons


  • Content Ideation Assistant: Helps users convey ideas easily, aiding in brainstorming sessions.
  • Improved Writing Speed and Productivity: Boosts writing speed and efficiency, saving time in content creation.
  • Enhanced Writing Quality: Offers grammar checking and ensures content coherence.
  • Variety of Writing Styles and Coherence Levels: Supports multiple writing styles and tones, providing versatility.
  • Long-Form Content Generator and Editor: Simplifies the creation of lengthy content, aiding in outlining and editing.
  • Personalization Options: Allows writers to tailor content according to their preferences and requirements.
  • Project Organization: Provides a project manager to organize and manage multiple writing projects efficiently.
  • Chrome Extension Availability: Enables quick content generation directly from the browser.
  • Real-Time Chat Feature: Offers lightning-fast responses and instant assistance.
  • SEO Enhancement: Helps enhance content by incorporating keywords for improved SEO.
  • Affordable Pricing: Offers cost-effective plans catering to various user needs.


  • GPT-4 AI Chat is available only for paid users.
  • Some users might find the interface in need of enhancement for better usability.
  • While extensive, there’s room for additional use cases to cover a broader range of writing needs.

The Bottomline

WriteMeAi is a fantastic AI writing assistant designed to make your writing life a breeze. Use it for all kinds of creative writing, business writing, email writing, and more!

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