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Rice pudding refers to a dessert containing rice cooked in milk that has been sweetened. There are a lot of variations of rice pudding, including Indian kheer and Mexican rice pudding. The rice pudding variations are well seasoned with many ingredients and spices. Some recipes include egg yolks to provide an extra custardy and rich texture. Arroz con Leche translates to “rice with milk.” It is a popular rice pudding type from Spain. 

Typically, quick rice pudding is sweetened with granulated sugar or condensed milk. Kheer is from the Sanskrit word meaning ‘milk.’ It has a meaning to Indian rice pudding that contains aromatic flavorings such as rose water, cardamom powder, or electric red-orange saffron strands. Other common garnishes are almonds, chopped nuts such as cashews and pistachios, and dried fruits.

Notes for ingredients

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You will need to select the classic and old-fashioned rice pudding rice for this particular recipe. This type is made from converted long-grain rice, and you will never go wrong with having it as your choice. Additionally, the plump grains of rice will perfectly cook up in the milk. You could opt for other options like Jasmine and Basmati long grain rice if the first choices are unavailable. Any short-grain type or quick-cooking rice for pudding is not recommended because it tends to turn mushy.


Another recipe is whole, full-fat 3.5% b.f milk, used for rice pudding. You could try with 2 percent if you only have that. However, the resulting pudding will not be as creamy as desired.


Adding heavy whipping cream of 35 % b.f contributes to both pudding’s creamy flavor and the thickening process. You are recommended to use heavy cream. You might need to utilize a lighter cream in the form of a pinch, like Half and Half 10 percent cream.

White Granulated Sugar

Sugar is simply added for sweetness. Therefore, you could constantly adjust according to your taste. First, write the recipe for the best results, then tweak it afterward.

Tips For a Delicious Rice Pudding

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The most delicious rice pudding is creamy and silky but never pasty or sticky before making your next batch follow the following tips.

Choose the Rice

The selection of rice for the dessert depends on preferences: For instance, Spanish recipes mostly favor medium-grain white rice (such as arborio rice) and short-grain rice for a thicker outcome. The long-grain rice, such as jasmine rice or basmati, makes a lighter and looser consistency. You can choose from white or brown rice according to your taste.

Prepare it in a multi-cooker

If you have no time for a batch of rice pudding on your stovetop, you can prepare your delicious rice pudding within the shortest time possible using a multi-cooker that demands no stirring. You need to add all the ingredients to the pot apart from any form of garnishes, then have them cooked on the mode of “porridge” for close to twenty minutes as you allow the pressure to release by itself.

Try to make your pudding vegan.

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You probably have a knack for dairy-free variations. If that is the case, consider using coconut milk in the place of whole milk. It will create a better thickness than the plat-based alternative such as almond milk. Payasam, or the South Indian-style kheer, typically features coconut milk instead of dairy. Hence, it results in a light, aromatic and sweet pudding.

Use whole extracts and spices.

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Always consider adding whole cinnamon sticks or crushed pods of cardamom to the pudding at the start of cooking to get the best results. After that, wait till the end of the cooking time so you can add more delicate vanilla extract and powdered spices.

How to Cook

  1. Mix sugar, milk, and vanilla bean seed and pod inside a big saucepan as you heat them at low temperatures. Once they are averagely mixed up, whisk them to dissolve the sugar and cause even distribution of the vanilla bean.
  2. With the milk edges beginning to simmer well, add the rice to the milk mixture that has been sweetened, then break up the grains as you stir for a homogenous mixture using a rubber spatula.
  3. Over medium-high heat, boil the milk as you reduce it to low heat and simmer. To prevent scorching, cook until the pudding caramelizes and turns silky as you continuously stir. It will also thicken according to your desired consistency in about 40 minutes or an hour.
  4. After that, add salt and cinnamon as you stir for a perfect combination and mixture. Taste a little and adjust the seasoning as required.
  5. Top it with whipped cream, nuts, dried fruits, and honey as you ladle the pudding into the serving bowls as desired.
  6. After that, store the pudding in an airtight container without its toppings in a refrigerator. After that, ensure you reheat it using a splash of milk on the stove.

Final Thought

For a perfect rice pudding outcome, do not forget about using long grain that has been converted from white rice. The old-fashioned and classic rice pudding makes the best recipe. Arborio rice will also make excellent and delicious rice pudding. However, it will tend to absorb more liquid. Therefore, it will demand the addition of a bot of water and hot milk at the end of simmering. 



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