Thu. May 30th, 2024

As head of the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC) since 2021, President and CEO Shelton J. Haynes has prioritized community engagement, transparency, and inclusion.

“We want RIOC to be responsive to residents’ evolving needs and concerns,” said Haynes. 

To this end, he continues hosting town hall events where residents can directly engage with RIOC leadership. Maintaining an open-door policy further enables Haynes to hear feedback firsthand.

Haynes has also overseen upgrades to RIOC’s website and social media platforms. These improvements allow for the sharing of timely updates and announcements with the community.

“Enhanced communications let us keep residents informed and strengthen our connections,” Haynes explained.

Inclusion and accessibility are also priorities under Haynes’ leadership. He has focused on diversifying RIOC’s Board of Directors to represent the island’s diversity better.

Haynes also launched new job training initiatives to assist residents with disabilities and those facing other barriers to employment. 

“We want to break down obstacles and ensure all community members can access opportunities to shape Roosevelt Island’s future,” said Haynes.

With a resident-focused approach, Haynes steers RIOC toward a more transparent, equitable, and engaged future.

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