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Striving to thrive? You are certainly not alone! Every young entrepreneur dreams of emerging as a world-class business tycoon. However, it is extremely challenging to emerge as one of a kind. The competitive arena is filled with fierce rivalry and intense struggles. There is a requirement to possess unique skills and talents to emerge successfully. There needs to be a strategic plan and management to relish the pleasures of ultimate success and affluence.

Based in Bangladesh, Tanvir A Mishuk is a top-notch entrepreneur who has reached phenomenal heights through consistent hard work and dedication. Whatever Tanvir is today is a result of his constant toil and struggle to thrive. The rip-roaring business leader owns multiple ventures. Acquiring an experience of more than fifteen years, the financial expert is the founder and managing director of the fastest-growing fintech company globally and the second-largest in Bangladesh, Nagad. 

Nagad is a dynamic and secure digital financial service that facilitates customers’ daily financial transaction needs like cash-in, cash-out, send money, mobile recharge and more. Tanvir is also the Founder and Managing Director of Telekom Asia, Finclusion Ventures Pte. Ltd and has played the dynamic and transformative role of the Director and former CEO of Sigma Telecom.

The dynamic personality is also an investor and philanthropist. His impactful work has bought a colossal change in Bangladesh. Tanvir is on the journey to leverage fintech to improve and maximize Bangladesh’s financial inclusion scenario by bringing the country’s unbanked, under-banked, and marginal population within the digital banking service. He aims to reduce dependence on cash-based transactions through technological innovation by bringing innovative products, services, platforms, and transactions-based ecosystem. The ambitious entrepreneur desires to propel Bangladesh into the era of Digital Banking and cashless transactions in the coming days.

His achievements include;

  • Modernized a 150-years-old institution: Bangladesh Postal Service
  • Facilitated government disbursement of assistance funds multiple times
  • Introduced state-of-the-art Digital KYC in opening MFS accounts
  • Affiliations with various government, private and non-profit organizations in helping SMEs, women empowerment and making financial inclusion safer
  • Made it to inclusive 50 Fintech cohort list for 2020
  • Awarded for contribution to digital Bangladesh journey at the closing ceremony of Digital Bangladesh Fair 2020

Tanvir encourages young entrepreneurs never to give up and toil consistently to achieve success and emerge as a top-grade business icon. He shares 5 constructive demeanours to emerge as a successful personality:

1) Strategic Planning

The primary route to reaching your dreams is to plan. Having a plan helps you define the full scope of a project, helping you stay focused. You can set goals and objectives, meet deadlines, measure success and debrief the entire project. Research and analysis about your career further enlighten you about the possible risks, challenges, and complications awaiting, thereby systematically preparing you to face them. It gives you hidden insights to grow better and notifies competitors and their behaviour which aids in a much-focused performance.

2) Be Passionate

It’s hard to move forward and be successful if you are apathetic about what you’re doing. Every day can become a drag. To develop into a top-grade businessman, it is critical to follow your amour fou and practice what you love.

3) Evolve

Limiting yourself to specific parameters stunts growth. This can destroy your career and prevent flourishment. Learn to evolve according to current needs and demands.

4) Consistency and commitment

A distinct stratum of commitment, effort and work is requisitely required to reach phenomenal heights. Only a handful of people succeed in life by mere chance. Most people have to work hard, be committed and make real sacrifices to get ahead. Stop wishing for a miracle and start building your own.

5) Avoid distractions

Meaningless things and distractions will always be in your way. Easy, usual things tempt the proletariats to commit shortcuts instead of focusing on meaningful projects. Learn to focus on what is productive and gainful. 

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