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The long-awaited notification for Joint Entrance Examination (Advanced) 2022 or JEE (Advanced) 2022 has been released. JEE (Advanced) opens gates to admission into undergraduate courses in IITs leading to a bachelor’s, Integrated master’s, or Bachelor-Master Dual Degree in Engineering, Sciences, or Architecture.

The examination comprises two papers: Paper I and Paper II and will be conducted only in the Computer Based Test (CBT) mode, by the seven Zonal Coordinating IITs under the guidance of the Joint Admission Board 2022 (JAB 2022).

Prospective candidates can register for appearing for JEE (Advanced) 2022 through the online registration portal where detailed instructions for registration will be provided. Online registration begins on August 07, 2022 (Sunday, 10:00 IST) and closes on August 11, 2022 (Thursday, 17:00 IST).

Testing Domains


The subject of Physics enables us to build up our ability for problem-solving, and research and improves our analytical skills. It is a combination of experimenting, observation, and the analysis of phenomena with mathematical and computational tools.


The knowledge of Chemistry helps you to understand the world around you. From food to pharmaceuticals, Chemistry plays a huge role in making informed decisions.


The subject of Mathematics allows for the ineffective building of mental discipline. It encourages logical reasoning and mental rigor. The knowledge of Mathematics is vital to support the comprehension of other subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Social Sciences, and even Art.

The syllabus is centered on the NCERT curriculum. To assist in the preparation refer to this series published by Prabhat Prakashan—available in both English and Hindi editions—which will not only help to cover the syllabus timely but also chalk out an effective preparation strategy.

  • IIT-JEE Main and Advanced Mathematics
  • IIT-JEE Main and Advanced Chemistry
  • IIT-JEE Main and Advanced Physics

Highlights of the Series

  • Exam Pattern and Latest Syllabus for JEE Main and Advanced included
  • An Analysis of IIT JEE included
  • Chapter-wise Theory detailed with examples
  • Chapter-wise Multiple Choice Questions
  • Chapter-wise Different Format Questions
  • Chapter-wise Assessment Test
  • Chapter-wise HOTS Problems
  • Appendix on Equations & Glossary
  • JEE-Main and Advanced Mock Test
  • Answers to Questions included with Explanations
  • Presence of accurate Figures and Tables

The objective of the series is to provide a clear and logical presentation of the basic concepts and principles through a broad range of interesting applications to the real world. These books enable a simplified view of the various subjective concepts, equations, figures, and formulae of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. As a comprehensive Study Guide for the students, the series is zeroed in on Qualitative Preparation and Systematic understanding of the Syllabus and examination level. With provision for self-assessment in Mock Tests, these books stand beneficial in imprinting concepts in the mind. 

Hardworking students of today become personalities of tomorrow that contribute to the nation-building process. Therefore the books are prepared at par with the level of the examination to inculcate confidence and ideas. As the examination’s purpose is to encourage freedom of thought and self-discipline, the series aims to pursue excellence.


IIT-JEE Main and Advanced Mathematics IIT-JEE Main + Advanced Ganit (Mathematics)
IIT-JEE Main and Advanced Chemistry IIT-JEE Main + Advanced Rasayan (Chemistry)
IIT-JEE Main and Advanced Physics IIT-JEE Main + Advanced Bhautiki (Physics)
Wiley’s Halliday / Resnick / Walker Physics for JEE (Main & Advanced) UBD1960 Errorless Physics Hindi(Bhoutiki)
IIT Mathematics by M.L Khanna UBD1960 Errorless Mathematics Hindi(Ganit)

Solve as many problems as possible, but also ensure that you understand the basic concepts and principles before attempting to solve assigned problems. Your ability to solve problems will be one of the main tests of your knowledge in the examination.

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