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Roblox Stock: Top Metaverse Play is Way Oversold

Is Roblox Stock a Buy? Traders aren’t sure what to do with this top metaverse play, because it’s been in a bearish trend for over a year. Let’s take a look at the numbers and determine whether it’s a good time to add it to your portfolio. Fortunately, it’s not too late! In fact, it might be a great time to buy!


The market is oversold for a reason: investors are worried that Roblox is overvalued. The company is a popular gaming platform that is considered a play on the metaverse, the next generation of the Internet. The stock is scheduled to report its second-quarter earnings on Aug. 9, after the market closes. Analysts expect the company to post a loss of 25 cents per share on sales of $644 million.

Roblox’s market cap has grown by more than twice the previous year’s spike. Moreover, analysts have turned from overly optimistic to pessimistic, which makes Roblox stock way oversold. Analysts now predict revenue growth of just 1% over the next five years, which assumes the gaming business will dry up and that investments in diversification will fail. However, the market may be a little more realistic than we currently think.

The has fallen as the hype around the metaverse fizzles out. While most of the metaverse’s cryptocurrencies have plummeted by 60 percent from their all-time highs, the stock has suffered because sell-side analysts have become more concerned about Roblox’s growth prospects. The analysts at Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and Needham all have lowered their price targets for the company, citing sluggish growth.

The Roblox stock price is undervalued despite its huge user base and a growing number of users. However, the company’s growth has slowed, and the negative margin trajectory of the last few quarters likely soured investors on the stock. As the economy slips into recession, interest rates could soar. As a result, investors are hesitant to buy Roblox stock.

Unity Software Inc

The company that makes video game software is Unity Software Inc. Unity was founded in 2004 as Over the Edge Entertainment. In 2007, it changed its name to its current name, Unity. The company has been one of the most prominent developers of popular video games in the world. Founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, the company has created a variety of games for various consoles, including the popular Call of Duty series. Unity also develops a number of game engine products.

Its game creation software, Unity Pro, allows game developers to easily measure the performance of their games and patch them accordingly. It even offers in-game advertising capabilities that help optimize in-game ads. While this software was initially developed for game development, it has spread to many other industries, including augmented reality and design. With its recent acquisition of Ziva Dynamics, Unity looks to continue expanding its capabilities and establishing itself as a leader in digital gaming.


Despite robust daily active user growth and strong engagement, Roblox’s stock price is way oversold. Its EBITDA margin is relatively low and it’s currently investing heavily in its future and the platform. The company is also investing heavily in its co-experience, which is a growing market that could see a surge in competition once the metaverse is ready for prime time.

Roblox Stock: Despite being the top metaverse play on the public markets today, the co-experience platform developer has been hit hard. Since the end of June, the stock has lost more than 80% of its gains. Since then, however, it has risen 100%. That means a buyer can buy the stock now at a steep discount. But, if you are not a big fan of the company’s vision, I would wait for a pullback before buying.

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