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Are rodent infestations rising during the pandemic? The unfortunate answer is yes. The COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be a boom time for rodents in London and other global cities. Since the start of the pandemic, their numbers have increased dramatically with no end in sight. In fact, according to pest control companies infestations have risen by as much as 45%

Why rat infestations are increasing at this time 

Pest control specialists are seeing an exponential growth in rodent infestations. There are several reasons why this is happening. First of all, during the early stages of lockdown pest control services were not deemed essential. For several weeks we were not allowed to operate at all. This gave pests time to breed and caused many serious rodent infestations. 

Another reason is because of the lockdowns themselves, say London pest experts Diamond. This results in fewer people out on the streets. It also means that the bins and outside areas where rodents usually scavenge are free of food. Another source of food for rats are the bins behind restaurants – which are now also empty. The result of this is that rodents are being forced to move indoors. In their desperation to find food, they are streaming into homes and other buildings.

This scenario is repeating itself all over the world

Many of these properties include restaurants, pubs, and takeaways. These have been shut indefinitely due to lockdown. Whereas previously the presence of humans kept rats away,  they are now left unchecked. The availability of stored food also makes these establishments attractive to hungry rats. In fact, many restaurants have been completely overrun by rodents.

Office buildings are also experiencing problems with rodent infestations. In these cases the infestations are even worse. Some companies have shut down completely for almost a year. With staff working remotely, rodents have the run of the place and rat numbers have exploded

Other places where rodent infestations are becoming a problem include parks, the underground, markets, and gyms. Basically any public space which was previously filled with people has now been taken over by rodents. 

Other reasons why rodent infestations are increasing  

One reason is due to a reduction in bin collection. With bins in urban areas like London empty, rodents are eating out of suburban bins. These bins are providing a new source of food for rodents. Once they learn about this food source they quickly infest homes in the surrounding area. 

Be that as it may, some rodent experts do not think there are more rodents than usual. It’s simply a case of people being stuck at home, and finally starting to notice they have rodents. If you’re one of these people then what can you do?

To start with, try to limit the rodents access to your rubbish. Rubbish should be stored in hard plastic or steel bins. Do not leave bags of rubbish lying around outside or in your garage. This will immediately attract the attention of rodents. Also, make sure your bins seal as tightly as possible. Next, try to prevent rodents from getting inside your property. Close up all cracks and entry points. Also consider placing traps in places where rodents may live or pass through. Depending on the type of trap used, these are sometimes highly effective. 

Whether or not you think you have rodents it’s important to prevent them. These animals are far more dangerous than you may think. As well as causing property damage, they also spread serious diseases – which in many cases are fatal. 

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