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American novelist and skilled information technology expert Roger Alonzo Small is an exemplary figure whose professional journey intertwines information technology, authorship, and entrepreneurship. His transition from a seasoned Information Technology and Program Management professional to an author is notable, reflecting a bold shift in career paths. Small’s debut book, “Prosperity Aligned: Embracing the Alkebulanist Path to Success, Abundance, and Collective Empowerment,” serves as a testament to his versatile talents.

Small’s work is firmly anchored in the principles of Alkebulanist philosophy, leveraging the rich tapestry of African wisdom and thought. This foundation enables him to introduce fresh perspectives for personal growth and community prosperity, skillfully applying time-honored philosophical insights to overcome contemporary obstac   The book departs from typical academic style showcasing Small’s focus on applying philosophical and historical insights practically.

His ability to transform complex ideas into captivating narratives is evident throughout “Prosperity Aligned.” This work demonstrates Small’s adaptability, lifelong learning, and eagerness to educate a broader audience. His journey from an IT Specialist to a writer highlights his belief in the transformative power of information and literature

In his personal life, Small engages in various activities, including hiking, motorcycling, and practicing martial arts like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Kung Fu His background having grown up in the culturally diverse DC Metropolitan Area after his parents moved from Georgetown Guyana has contributed to his global outlook and array of interests

Small’s academic journey started with an aim to become a teacher, but it evolved into a passion for history itself. He holds a Bachelor of Science in History and a Master of Science in Technology Management in Information Systems and Services. This unique blend of history and technology expertise has enabled him to excel in diverse professional settings.

With over 17 years in the IT industry, Small has held significant roles in companies such as NTT DATA Services, Peraton, Perspecta, RedX Defense, and ValidaTek. His work, particularly in the Bureau of Consular Affairs of the Department of State, highlights his skills in managing complex IT projects. Small’s career was notably enriched by his time at RedX Defense, working alongside Regina E. Dugan, the then-president and owner of the company. Dugan, who later ascended to the role of Director at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), is a luminary in advanced technology and research. Collaborating closely with a visionary like Dugan at RedX Defense provided invaluable insights into cutting-edge technology and innovative practices. Small’s entrepreneurial drive is evident in his founding of the cutting-edge apparel company Renegades and Reprobates, and his role as President of Murigen Technology Staffing, showcasing his talent for transforming ideas into impactful business realities.

Roger Small’s book “Prosperity Aligned” is a transformative guide that intertwines the Alkebulanist Path with profound insights into African roots, personal achievement, and community empowerment. His career, bridging IT, authorship, and entrepreneurship, coupled with his diverse interests and global perspective, make him a multifaceted professional of note.

Roger Small’s book:” Prosperity Aligned” is a life-changing manual that delves into the Alkebulanist Path, and it’s African roots. This motivational book offers the secrets to prosperity, individual achievement, and community empowerment. Readers are led on a journey toward accepting their own path to success while assisting in the empowerment of their communities through profound insights and knowledge. The publication demonstrates his profound fascination with Pan-Africanism and philosophy, combining African and African-American philosophical and historical aspects. The book offers readers a unique perspective by serving as a link between traditional Alkebulanist teachings and solutions for contemporary problems. Small’s work shines as a beacon of empowerment and hope, offering practical strategies for prosperity deeply rooted in African heritage.

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