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Technology has been widespread in recent years. With the growing pace of technology, India has been able to connect rural areas to the cities. The use of the internet has also increased and the government has also started using the internet by creating online portals for Sarkari exams. It helps the aspirants who are willing to take government jobs get an update on the same and apply online for the exams using these portals.

Technology has not only spread in the field of internet and telecommunication, but it has also been adopted in the education sector as well. The new digitized learning methods which have proven to be effective in terms of learning. There are E-books available online for different subjects, exams which help you study and prepare for the Sarkari exams.

The colleges and schools have also started to use modern technologies such as e-books, smart classes. The technology has rapidly transformed the way students are learning and adopting the new methods of studying. The Indian educational system might not have completely adopted the educational technology but it is increasing and is interesting to see how the parents and teachers are approving, adopting and implementing the digitalization of learning.

One of the schools that have adopted modern learning methods is KVS schools. The adaptation of the concept of smart class and e-books has revolutionized the whole concept of learning. The small children are watching the animated and pictorial rhymes and learning side-by-side. Visualization and audio have helped children’s creativity and imagination. The students of all ages have started enjoying and having fun while learning which has boosted their performance and improved their academic grades.

KVS ( Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan) school are the premier central government schools in India, it is one of the largest chains of schools across the world. The Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan was established in the year 1963. The KVS schools have a common syllabus all over India to make sure that the children of the government employees do not face any difficulties due to the parent’s transfer from one city to another.

The recruitment process for the staff is a very thorough process. The KVS recruitment 2020 is expected to start soon though the dates haven’t been updated yet. The candidates can apply online on their KVS official website from the scheduled date onwards until the last date to apply for the positions. Offline application forms are not available. Only eligible candidates should apply and ineligible candidates will be straight away disqualified. The application forms should be filled carefully because post its submission, no correction can be made. The incomplete and incorrect applications will be rejected. The applications should be submitted within the time frame provided.

The important factors of academic criteria required for KVS recruitment 2020 are:

The candidates should have completed their post-graduation in the respective subjects for the PGT post. For the TGT post, the candidate should have completed their bachelor’s in the respective subjects and should have all the relevant documents and also have a valid CET certificate. All the candidates must have a basic knowledge of computers.

The basic knowledge of computers is made as a mandatory factor for the selection of candidates for the teacher’s post. This is to adopt new educational technologies to enhance teaching methods. The schools are now adapting to AV-equipped classrooms to boost student’s understanding and learning process. Teachers can explain subjects like Maths, Physics, Chemistry on the smart-boards using graphical presentations. These methods help students and encourage them to take part in activities such as group presentations, seminars, etc which let the students explore their ideas and represent them in the classroom. More importantly, it boosts their confidence and helps them learn communication skills and erase the stage fright.

When teachers are well trained to use ICT (Information and Communication Technology), they are digitally literate to help achieve higher-order thinking skills, prepare the students for the ongoing technological change in the society and keep them updated with all the recent developments made in technology. It is to make sure to create an environment that promotes and develops the community knowledge about the technology and digitalization of education.

The ICT development in the education system can help create a literate community that can utilize benefits from ICT and contributes to building a better nation.

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