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Fruitful experiences blossom from international travel, but so do plenty of challenges. Travelers that have a few trips under their belt will tell beginners to practice preparation to secure a more smooth-sailing journey for you and those around you.

Rory Brown, lifestyle and travel writer, is an avid traveler with a routine check-lists that he has developed from experience over time. When it comes to arranging for your next trip internationally, Brown offers these six essential travel tips:

Tip #1: Check the weather

Before you start packing, check out what the weather is supposed to be like during your international stay. Packing only the essentials makes traveling more comfortable, so prepare to pack clothes that will keep you healthy in the anticipated weather conditions. Only having shorts during a cold burst is never fun, especially when shopping for pants might not be accessible, and getting sick is a road down misery.                                                                                             

Tip #2: Memorize your destination’s address

Even if you are backpacking across Europe, you need to have the address memorized or written down of the hotel, hostel, or guest house you are residing in your destined country. The majority of nations require your visiting address during their customs process. If you can not reiterate to authorities where you are staying in their country, you might not successfully make it through customs. Wherever you end up staying, it is smart to get to know your hotel or guesthouse staff to gather travel tips and areas to avoid.


Tip #3: Make copies of all travel documents

It is crucial for travel protection to make copies of your ID and passport. If any vaccinations are required to enter a country, such as the yellow fever vaccination, it is a great idea to have copies on hand if those documents, as well. In most cases, if any ID, passport, or vaccination papers are missing upon arrival, officials will not let you into the country, and you will have to book a flight right back home. Double-check well before your flight date to see if you need a visa. Some destinations require you to obtain a visa before your trip, while others you can purchase while entering the visiting country.


Tip #4: Know your country embassy’s location

Though you might be up-to-date on current events, the world will always be an unpredictable place. Knowledgeable travelers always look ahead of time to locate their native country’s embassy in their traveling areas. Having your embassy’s contact information on hand when trouble arises will prove very useful. You can also choose to let your embassy know what country you will be in by registering through their website.


Tip #5: Stop by the bank for crisp bills

Not every country will use your nation’s currency, nor will you have ATM or credit card access, so be prepared to exchange money. Visiting the bank to grab crisp bills before taking off will prove beneficial during currency exchanges. Foreign exchangers can turn down old or tattered bills.


Tip #6: Adapt and Blend 

No one likes a stereotypical loud American tourist. Avoid any cultural friction by traveling like a local. Research beforehand cultural rules and etiquette, and know that not all western practices are acceptable everywhere.

About Rory Brown (Charleston, SC):

After spending the first 40 years of his life in the United States, Rory Brown decided to focus on the quality of life and began living internationally. He now spends his time in Lake Como, Italy, Sydney, Australia, Charleston, South Carolina, and Kauai, Hawaii. His appreciation for simple health food that embraces local traditions of excellence has earned him credit among farm-to-table communities everywhere he goes.

Brown began his career as a technologist and has always focused on healthy lifestyle choices. His well-researched lifestyle writing has increasingly focused on living life to the fullest each day throughout the world.



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