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One of India’s oldest and most popular gambling games which is the card game Indian Rummy  is now available in Indian online casinos such as LeoVegas and RoyalPanda reported by the Online Gambling Guru website. 

The Online Gambling Guru website is one of the best Indian resources for online gambling related information. The website is run by industry experts with many years of experience from the online gambling industry. 

The Indian rummy game is a game with a long history. The game was brought to India by the British where it still is a very popular game however when brought to India the game got slightly modified and the modified version of Rummy got the name Indian Rummy. 

It is very common in India to see people playing Indian Rummy at cafes, gambling dens and of course in the comfort of peoples own homes. 

This well known game is now finally available in online format at popular and well respected online casinos such as LeoVegas and RoyalPanda. It is quite strange that such a popular gambling game was not available online until now. 

The online casinos LeoVegas and RoyalPanda have reported to the famous Indian online gambling website Online Gambling Guru that in the first month of having Indian Rummy on their website more than 100,000 Indian players have already played the game. 

The Indian Rummy game is expected to drive thousands of more Indian people to the online casino websites Royal Panda and Leo Vegas as its more than a game in India. The Indian Rummy game is today part of Indian culture. 

The Indian online casinos are slowly but surely contributing with modernizing the Indian online gambling industry by digitalizing games like Indian rummy which have such deep roots in the Indian community and Indian culture. There are many rumours within the Indian online casino industry that after the succes with launching the Indian rummy casino game online there will be more Indian games being brought online. 

One of the Indian online gambling games which is very popular and still isn’t available online is the famous card gambling game Teen Patti. The game of Teen Patti is not very different from that of the Indian Rummy game but however still it is currently in a legal limbo in many of the Indian states. 

There are strong lobbying efforts for bringing the Teen Patti into a legal state within all the different Indian states and once that has been done most likely the many different online casinos operating in India will be bringing this famous casino game online just like with Indian Rummy. The first online gambling operator to bring Rummy online was Rummy Circle and it is rumored that they will also be the first with bringing Teen Patti online in India. Rummy Circle is considered one of the experts on classic Indian games.

We in the Indian online casino community are looking forward to the day when the Teen Patti game and other classic Indian games will be made available online at the different Indian online casinos. 

It is very clear that the Indian population is embracing the conversion from traditional game play to online gameplay and with this conversion hopefully there will be better regulation of the Indian gambling industry. 

We in the Indian online casino community of players together with the Indian online casino operators are looking forward to the coming years.

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