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Installation of gas is one of the most common things in every household. Every region has its own rules and regulations regarding home improvement, and Australia is also not an exception. It too has a set of Do’s and don’ts regarding the installation of gas, but the basic things are the same everywhere. You have to maintain those to keep your house safe and secured.

Basic Things to Know

Australian Standard for Gas Installations (AS 5601) has defined certain basic things that everyone should know and follow. It has been laid down that in every state, a gas distribution company with an active license can only provide the connection from the gas main to the gas meter. This rule applies to the installation of any of the natural gas equipment and appliances. And the entire work should be performed only by any licensed gasfitter. These are the basic rules and regulations that need to be followed for gas installation.

Do’s and Don’ts of Gas Installations:

 1. What One Should Do?

Whenever any gas appliances are purchased, one must check if it is certified by the Australian Gas Association or not. If it is approved with the AGA badge, then it’s safe for purchase. If there is no such certification and badge, the product is not recommended for purchase.

Ventilation is another essential aspect to be taken care of. Proper ventilation is mandatory for any gas installations. Care should be taken while lighting the burner also. One must have enough access to space where the LPG Cylinder is kept along with pressure regulator and gas meter. The doors should be accessed freely and should not be locked in case of any emergency. The instruction manual provided by the manufacturer also bears several precautionary measures.

2. What One Should Not Do?

Like any other home appliance, gas oven and related items must be appropriately maintained. It is one of the most sensitive equipment at home, and one should give proper attention to that. It would help if you did not keep those unattended for a long time. Pressure regulators and gas meters are to be checked at regular intervals, and one should not leave those unchecked for long. You should never try to tamper any of the seals provided by the manufactures or should not do any engineering in safety valves and other mechanical devices like knobs, fittings, etc. Similarly, it would help if you did not use any outdoor gas appliances inside. It increases the risk of catching fire at any time and can lead to fatal accidents.

3. Safety First

Gas is safe only when it is used properly. Gas installations and appliances should go through several precautionary measures to function smoothly. Without proper installation, the potential danger exists in various scenarios. If you smell gas in your house, you should pay attention to that immediately. Supply of the gas should be turned off instantly, and if still, the smell is high, and then the room or building needs to be evacuated. In such a situation, all the doors and windows should be opened, and proper ventilation is a must. It is advisable not to enter into the gas affected area. The above things might happen if gas installations go wrong due to any reason.

So, for all gas installations in Australia, one needs to follow all the above-mentioned precautions to avoid any accident. Safety and precautions are important, and there should not be any compromise with that. Also, the guideline prescribed by the authorities is to be followed in every case.

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