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SAP Business One, a ERP solution from the SAP, a global software giant is aimed at the small and medium enterprises (SME), helps the small companies in getting rid of the old traditional business solutions and make use of the new age technologies this will bring in more efficiency in their operations and set them up on the path of digitization which is the need of the hour, A digitized company is well prepared to take on the technological challenges and adopt them at the earliest. SAP Business One on Cloud is one such cost effective solution for the businesses to operate efficiently at a lower cost.SAP Business One Add-Ons also provide lot more functionalities to the company.


One of the questions that come to mind is whether to have the complete solution in house or to go for monthly subscription for every user. When you are using SAP Business One on Cloud then all the ERP application of the company and the critical data will be managed by the software vendor.


Let us look at some of the advantages and benefits of SAP B1 on Cloud


  • The benefit you can reap here comes more quickly, although you might have to incur some cost but the benefits especially the advantages that you will be reaping in the long run is much more in comparison to the cost incurred by you. This enables you to run the operations smoothly
  • With SAP Business One Cloud you do not have to incur any additional cost on the hardware needs, Firewall system or third party serve platform, this is run on the pay as you go module
  • The customization of SAP Business One on Cloud is up to the standard level but also keeping the fundamental ERP features intact for the customer instances. This helps in pushing the software version and patch updates for the instance easily. On Demand platform is more easily upgradable than the On-Premise solution.
  • It is suggested to the SME to choose the On-Demand solution over the On premise option as the SAP Business One on Cloud is more scalable as far as the hardware resources are concerned. A company can find it more easy to add more RAM, better internet connectivity and more speed. One can increase the storage size, processing power easily without much cost incurrence.
  • You can also be assured on the issue of data security, With SAP Business One on Cloud, the data is stored securely on the data centres where both the physical and network security safeguards are taken into consideration. Even though the security aspect is of some concern to many organization, however the SAP Business One on Cloud offers a effective solution for the small businesses.
  • When you are using SAP B1 on Cloud, you will be using lesser resources which can then be used to do more important tasks that are on priority.


SAP Business One on Cloud is a ERP software that can be used by the small businesses to move into the next league and better their own processes and to increase the profits.SoftCore Solutions, Best SAP Business One ERP software Gold partner in Ahmedabad can help you in achieving the dreams with SAP Business One implementation.

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