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The scholastic assessment test is an entrance exam that is used by many colleges and universities both in India and abroad as a selection criterion for admissions to undergraduate courses. More than 30 colleges in India acknowledge SAT scores for college applications. Exams like JEE Mains are restricted to Engineering only, one SAT will open gates for you to apply to a wide range of courses in India, going from Engineering, liberal Art, Law, Business Management, Journalism and Design in India. SAT can help students to avail scholarships based on their scores which is beneficial for students, especially from financially poor backgrounds. 

SAT exam preparation can be done at home as there are thousands of free practice questions, full-length sample tests are available online which can be practiced at any time. Students can also avail of SAT coaching in Kolkata and other cities if they wish to study systematically and in a professional environment. Students also get more time to attempt the SAT question paper as compared to other competitive exams. As such students who get nervous or fret over time constraints in other competitive exams need not worry as much. SAT exams are conducted four times a year which allows students enough time to prepare and practice for the test and plan when they would like to appear for the exam. Lastly, there is no provision for negative marking in this exam, so students need not be worried about the penalty for wrong answers. Given its multiple advantages, it is quite an excellent option for students seeking admissions in colleges in India and abroad.

A huge part of the SAT exam consists of passage reading and related questions. The passages themselves are straightforward but if you are not used to reading, then your brain will easily tire out and you will not be able to answer the related questions properly. To prevent this from happening, you must develop the habit of reading. Our school curriculum generally consists of fictional stories but the passages that come in the exam are non-fictional. Therefore to counterbalance this, students must read newspapers, editorials, scientific studies, articles from magazines and other sources. Students should also develop the habit of being able to recognize and summarize the important key points of the articles or passages that they read as this will help them when they are writing the SAT paper

Students will also be tested on their grammar skills and command over the English vocabulary. Both of these skills are something that cannot be acquired overnight and require consistent efforts. Reading will help to polish both these skills as you will come across new words when you read which will enhance your vocabulary

For the quantitative section, SAT coaching in Kolkata advises aspirants should focus on improving their mental math skills so that they can compute complex calculations easily in their mind as SAT exams do not allow students to use calculators. Hence students must have a good grasp over the small tips and tricks which will make the quantitative section a breeze for the students.

…exams need not worry as much. -The test can be difficult when the taker is heavily unprepared. The last few days before taking it can increase stress levels that do not help with the performance. There are discounts on SAT prep courses available online though which is a great help.– SAT exams are conducted four times …

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