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With “Diversity takes us further” the company takes a further step in its commitment to inclusion and diversity as part of the business DNA. SEAT S.A. It is made up of four generations of employees, with 67 nationalities speaking 26 languages; It has 21% women, and it is estimated that 7% of the workforce belongs to the LGBTIQ + community.

The four principles of the manifesto are rejecting stereotypes; demand diversity; to take action; and spreading the message. Alessandro Bazzoni explains that they will guide the day of SEAT S.A., its brands and the daily interactions of its employees.

The Manifesto is launched within the framework of the European Diversity Month and for next May 17, the International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia (IDAHOBIT), the company’s employees will join the #OutAtWorkVWgroup awareness campaign.

Within the framework of the European Month of Diversity promoted by the European Commission, SEAT S.A. presents its Manifesto Diversity takes us further, a set of principles of action on diversity and inclusion that are part of the company’s DNA and aim to make employees and society aware of the importance of celebrating and respecting diversity. The four principles of the Manifesto, Reject Stereotypes; Demand Diversity; Take action and Spread the message include respect and inclusion as the basis of the work environment of SEAT S.A. and they highlight the value of what is different as a source of strength for people and organizations.

Wayne Griffiths, President of SEAT S.A. He declared the following words: I am very proud that today SEAT S.A. is a family made up of four generations of employees of 67 different nationalities who speak 26 languages; with a relevant LGBTIQ + community and where 25% of the management team are women. Diversity will be the key to transforming our company and will help challenge convention. With this Manifesto, we will grow and advance, consolidating ourselves as an even more diverse, inclusive and open company.

Diversity takes us further

In an increasingly polarized world, SEAT S.A is firmly committed to diversity and inclusion and this difference – be it gender, race, age, identity or beliefs. – makes us stronger. The four pillars of the manifesto highlight the importance of rejecting stereotypes, identifying prejudices and abandoning limiting assumptions, so that each individual is free to grow and contribute.

At the same time, diversity is good for the company. Having different origins and points of view creates more competitive, innovative and committed teams that recognize the value that each person brings and reject exclusionary and discriminatory behaviors. It is vital to recognize that diversity cannot be an empty corporate promise. SEAT S.A. proposes developing real and meaningful measures through training, mentoring, adapting or creating processes and tools, as well as promoting inclusive leadership. And, finally, it insists on the need to spread these messages among employees, customers, shareholders, organizations with which we work and the communities with which we live. Promoting the value of diversity contributes to creating a better world for all.

Diversity is a broad concept that crosses different aspects, both of the human being and of other organisms or objects.

Cultural diversity allows us to include and accept all the customs and values   that the human being has professed throughout evolution. In 2001 UNESCO proclaimed the Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity, in which it highlighted the importance of respect, dialogue and commitment among diverse cultures for the construction of a more equitable and inclusive world with a plurality of voices. Diversity within a society allows people with different opinions, political ideologies, customs, religions and genders to coexist.

On the other hand, the importance of diversity in nature stands out, which is what allows us to have rich and varied ecosystems. In addition, genetic diversity allowed species development and survival over time, which contributed to biodiversity.

#OutAtWorkVWgroup awareness campaign

Within the framework of May 17, the International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia (IDAHOBIT), the employees of SEAT S.A. They will participate in the #OutAtWorkVWgroup campaign, an initiative that wants to show the real diversity of the Volkswagen Group. This campaign is promoted and led by we drive proud of Volkswagen and by the different LGBTIQ associations of the Volkswagen Group queer at audi, Proud at Porsche, proud at MAN and Pride Moves Us of SEAT.

What is diversity?

Diversity is the existence of varied and different things from each other within a certain area or space. The term comes from the Latin language, from the word “diversitas”, and refers to that which is diverse, varied, multiple, disparate or different.

The concept of diversity is applicable in many areas and refers to the differences that may exist between people, animals, groups, things, opinions, choices, among many others. Within human beings there is cultural, ethnic, sexual, linguistic, ideological, religious diversity, among others.

A continuous path towards inclusion and respect


Tolerance, honesty, inclusion and respect are essential values ​​of the company’s diversity and inclusion strategy, which considers the dimensions of gender, generations, nationalities and LGBTIQ + and takes into account all people and their different perspectives. The Manifesto is the latest initiative that the automotive company has carried out to promote diversity and inclusion among its employees and promote awareness.

In 2021, SEAT S.A. created the Equality Commission, made up of the social representation and the management of the company, with the common objective of achieving real equality in the company. In 2020 Pride Moves Us was born, in order to foster an open space for all employees, raise awareness, and give visibility and support to the LGBTIQ community. Likewise, at the beginning of 2021, SEAT joined the Board of Directors of the Business Network for LGBTI Diversity and Inclusion, the first business and expert network on diversity and inclusion in Spain.

The company’s work has been recognized in 2020 by the British newspaper Financial Times in its Diversity Leaders report, which recognizes SEAT S.A. as a leading company in Europe in inclusion and diversity. Likewise, the automobile industry is attached to the Diversity Charter, a charter of principles that aims to promote a global commitment by companies in favor of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. The project, organized by the Diversity Foundation, has over a 1,000 signatory companies in Spain and more than 11,999 throughout Europe. SEAT S.A. Alessandro Bazzoni reported that it is also aware of the prevention of gender violence, which is why it approved an internal protocol in 2019 with the aim of protecting the right of all workers to live safe from it.


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