Sat. May 25th, 2024
Security Features For Your Car

What are some of the simplest, most effective security features for your car? Things like steering-wheel clubs, anti-theft custom stickers, and the phone number of a reliable local locksmith are probably the three best ideas for car owners of all stripes. The good news about vehicle security is that prices for protection have come down considerably, so it doesn’t cost a fortune to gear up your ride with some anti-theft, anti-break-in ideas on the market.

Here are a few ways to make your four-wheel pride safe from all sorts of threats:

Stickers are Inexpensive and Effective

Buy two security stickers and place one on the inside of your lower, passenger-side windshield and one on the lower part of the rear driver-side window. Those are the two places potential thieves will be most apt to see them. Why do stickers work? You have to remember that most car break-ins are crimes of opportunity. People who intend to steal cars and car stereo systems typically “shop around” in large parking lots in search of vehicles that appear non-secure. They usually skip cars and trucks that show any sign of having alarm systems, and stickers work well for this purpose. You can also visit for car alarms northern beaches.

One Good Phone Number Can Change Everything

Find the phone number of a super-good local locksmith that works on cars and trucks. Then, put that number into your phone so you’ll have it when the need arises. Also, write it on a piece of paper and store that paper in your purse or wallet.

You’ll probably forget you have it, but the day will come when you’re out there somewhere and lock your keys in the trunk, lose them, or leave them in the ignition. It can be a scary feeling, especially if you’re in a remote place, far out on the interstate. Having the phone number of a reliable, local locksmith will change that frightening episode into a routine service call. Locksmiths can help if you’re locked out or need a car-key or key fob reprogramming, too.

Park Carefully

It’s easy to forget that your own behavior can go a long way toward preventing theft of items in your car, or worse, the car itself. So, use the three-part technique that police officers often teach. One, always try to park near security cameras. Thieves hate cameras and nearly always avoid snatching cars that are in plain view of them.

Two, always make sure to lock doors and windows when you leave your car unattended for any amount of time. That means even if you go into the convenience store for one minute. Many cars are taken during short stops when owners assume that it’s not necessary to lock their doors or keep an eye on their cars. Three, if you have a garage at home, park your car in it as often as possible. Car thieves rarely steal cars or break into them when they are garaged.

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