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Concrete CoatingsSelecting The Concrete Coatings Products

Choosing the right Concrete Coatings for the concrete flooring can be a daunting task. The article below discusses how to choose the perfect concrete coating and more. Concrete coating installations are a brilliant idea to go ahead with, given the number of benefits it offers, including durability, water resistance, cost-effectiveness, aesthetics, ease of maintenance, and more.

However, it is not half as easy to choose the perfect concrete coatings products with a myriad of options available in the market like Contreat. The following are some things one must take into consideration while choosing the right concrete coatings –

Evaluate The Surface –

Evaluating the surface you wish to coat is not just the first but also most imperative of all the steps on the list. By evaluating means to understand the type of floor you’re working with, if it is bare or does it have a pre-existing coat of some sort, and if or not there are any cracks and molds that need to be taken care of before applying the coat. 

The type of pre-existing coat may influence the future coating while the cracks and any surface damages must be repaired before any further work; all in all, the surface must be clean and sound.

The purpose –

The other deciding factor in what kind of coating will be best suited for a particular space is the purpose of the flooring, i.e., the kind of use it will have to withstand in the future. If the floor coating is for somewhere with a lot of chemical exposure, say laboratories, factories, hospitals, art galleries, etc., the choices in the coatings that will work in the environment will filter out accordingly as not all coatings can withstand chemical exposure.

The same goes for the abrasion, traffic, heavy equipment use, and even cleaning methods as some coatings lose bond when steam cleaned and so on. 

To a great extent, the purpose will leave you with a clue as to what will work in the space in question.  

Other Considerations – 

Apart from the purpose, there are a lot of other things that need to be considered while choosing a coating, which though not as important structurally, plays a big role in deciding the overall look of space and customer satisfaction.

Have a rough clue of the appeal you wish to grant to the floor, with additional thought to things like life expectancy, maintenance, and future costs, etc. 

Material And Application

After you’ve evaluated everything mentioned above, the last step is to choose the right material while being equally wary of the application procedure it follows. There are several polymer coatings in the market, among which epoxies and polyurethanes are two of the most popular choices. You can find an in-detail description of the two with the pros and cons on the internet easily.

Although, keep in mind that a good coating or a good concrete sealer will always be 100% non-volatile, with excellent abrasion and chemical resistance along with good adhesion. 

As for the technical data, application procedure, performance characteristics, and other material properties, it is best to consult an expert for guidance as not much data about the same is readily available online. 


Professional assistance and guidance can help get a smooth and precise coating review for anyone unsure of the process, further making decisions and application much easier. Asking for personal reviews from people with similar installations is another great way to acknowledge the pros and cons of the same. Happy Scrolling!


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