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You have birthday gifts for your friends sorted. Your holiday gift list is also almost done. You have some surplus stowed away from the steal deals for the 11th hour gifting needs. But have you gotten one for yourself?

Giving yourself gifts

Something about presents inherently feels good. You feel giddy whenever you get a present. It is not just a matter of owning a new thing, but to think someone took out time and energy to find you a present also feels very special.

You can also get this feeling by giving yourself gifts. You don’t necessarily have to rely on others to give you the giddy rush; it is perfectly fine to treat yourself every once in a while. To help you find the perfect gifts that are both practical and part of self-care, we have rounded up a list for you to get inspired by!

Some self-care gifts to consider

Hot water bottle

Get yourself a spunky hot water bottle, which does not feel great when you after overworked yourself, but the bottle is very handy for period cramps as well. However, if your period cramps and pains are too much to bear, you should report the problem to a gynecologist doctor in Islamabad.

Extremely painful periods can be a sign of health condition like endometriosis, hence have your doctor look into the problem.


Tension has become a part and parcel of life. With so many avenues of stress, you also then need an outlet for stress. Massage is a great way to remedy this problem; it helps in relaxing the muscles and releasing the tension knots that cause much tension in the body.

However, it is not always possible for you to visit a spa. The cost notwithstanding, there is also the matter of finding time for it. So, you can also gift yourself a hand massager. Newer ones also come with heating, so to further relax your muscles.

Dark chocolate bundle

Chocolate is often perceived to be not good for health, and that much is true only if the chocolate is milk or white, since it has high sugar content.

However, dark chocolate is very good for health. It is rich in antioxidants and great for the heart. Hence, if you want to pamper yourself and show yourself some love, get yourself a dark chocolate bundle.

Spa gift set

Apart from the massage, you can also do a great facial and pampering session at home, provided you have the right paraphernalia.

Gift sets that contain scrubs, masks and other pots and potions are an excellent present for and from yourself. You can enjoy a spa day at home, catering to your skin’s need, relaxing with a wonderful massage.

Cute workout garb

Exercise is extremely important for physical and mental health. Apart from keeping you fit, it also helps in improving your mood. Exercise is also helpful in preventing the risk of certain chronic ailments.

But getting into the mode of working out can be hard. Sweating does not come easy to everyone. For to motivate yourself, you can gift yourself cute workout clothes. You can also get yourself a funky yoga mat for not just practical reasons, but to make your workout session more fun.

Comfy period paraphernalia

Dressing up when on your periods can feel like a big chore. Bloating, PMS, cramps all combine, making you want to do nothing but make yourself comfortable. For these days, have a comfortable pair of PJs handy.

If you have heavy flow alongside, investing in a great pair of period panties can feel good. These are made from absorbent material, so there is no risk of leakage.

However, if you have extremely heavy flow, you must talk to your gynecologist in Rawalpindi about it. Too much blood loss can have implications for your health and thus requires intervention of a doctor.

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