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Whether you are working in a career that you love for your Self-Care, or just somewhere you landed, your job takes up a great deal of your time. When you spend so much time working, it is easy to let other things slide. You may not have the time and energy to do things you enjoy after work, and you spend your weekends catching up on chores. Streamlining your life and indulging in self-care will pay dividends.

You will find yourself refreshed at work, able to stave off burnout, and feel more invigorated on the weekends. Knowing you have something to look forward to makes each day pass easier. You may feel that your schedule is jam-packed as it is, and there is no way you can add anything else.

When you start taking care of yourself( Self-Care ) and prioritize that time, you may be surprised. You will work more efficiently, you won’t spend hours zoned out on your social media, and you will wake up ready to face the day.

Consider Medical Marijuana as a Treatment for Anxiety, PTSD, and Other Conditions

If you have health concerns you have been ignoring, consider scheduling an appointment with your doctor to discuss medical marijuana. It is an effective treatment for a variety of conditions, without the unpleasant side effects of many prescription drugs for your Self-Care.

Once your doctor signs off, you can easily use a company such as NuggMD renewals to get your medical marijuana card online in Manhattan for your selfcare. The process is quick and easy, and your card will arrive promptly. You can then visit a dispensary at your convenience. The process is straightforward and great for folks with busy schedules.

Find an Exercise You Enjoy

Many people do not care for sports or exercise  for their Self-Care. While everyone has their interests, finding some physical activity to fit into your schedule is beneficial to your mental health. Don’t force yourself to do something you don’t enjoy. Keep experimenting until you find something you will stick with.

Even if you don’t enjoy physical activity of your Self-Care, there are other benefits to participating. If you are an introvert who feels overwhelmed by the end of a long work week, taking a solitary bike ride or run on the weekend can be refreshing.

Consider Medical Marijuana as a Treatment for Anxiety, PTSD, and Other Conditions

If you don’t want to give up hanging out in bars because it’s your social time, look for group fitness activities. Many running, climbing, and biking groups include social activities in their schedule.

Take Time to Stay Home and Do Nothing

It is easy to fall into a trap where you feel that you have to constantly be doing something for Self-Care. If you are home, you should be cleaning, catching up on emails, or working on that online class you signed up for.

The other side of this problem is deciding that you are too tired to do anything for your Self-Care, so you spend the entire evening, or weekend, in front of the television binging shows and scrolling on your phone.

Even though you did nothing for your Self-Care, you certainly will not feel refreshed. Learning how to spend quality time with yourself is invigorating. Take time to read a book for pleasure, catch up with friends, or pick up a new hobby. Activities that add value, rather than drain energy, allow you to face the work week refreshed.

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