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A self-managed super fund (SMSF) is a personal or family superannuation fund which provides benefits to its members after retirement. What makes SMSF different from other funds is that SMSF members are also the trustees of the fund and provide an opportunity to save more and plan a successful retirement.

How Does An SMSF Function?

The purpose behind establishing SMSFs is providing financial benefits to its members in retirement and their beneficiaries after their demise. SMSF investments are made on the name of the fund which is further controlled by a trustee. As a trust, an SMSF requires a trustee.

There Are Two Trustee Structure Options: 

Corporate trustee – In this, a company in the trustee and each of its members are a director. It permits recording and registering of assets and provides administration efficiencies along with flexibility in membership.


Individual trustee – In this, each appointed member is a trustee. There is a requirement of a minimum of two trustees.

The Advantages Of A Self-managed Superannuation Fund

For many of us, after home, superannuation is one of the assets. Superannuation can plan for your retirement by offering you a lot of tax breaks and ensuring that there is surplus money for covering future. It needs knowledge and skills for understanding how this money will be invested in the right direction so that it pays you the way you wanted. It is essential through SMSFs, borrowed money used to buy property, which indicates that individuals who have reached their pension age have full access to the property which is not possible in any other sort of funds. The SMSF members also possess exponential command in controlling their tax liabilities.

What Are The Benefits Of An SMSF?

SMSF trustees allow you to take the driving seat in managing your investments. Some other essential reasons in the ways SMSF benefits are as follows:

Investment Command

Great command in Investment control as it provides an opportunity to invest in shares, properties, and fixed interest. Individuals can also invest in gold, commercial or residential properties, and many more as such.


Comprehensive Flexibility In Investment

Market conditions are dynamic, SMSF trustees can adjust their investment portfolio by acquiring and selling their investments.

Power To Pool The Super

Resources can be pooled by the SMSF trustee among the other three counterparts.

Estate Planning

SMSF members can plan their death benefits as they are provided flexibility to

the plan they’re our estate needs.

Effective Tax Management

SMSF trustees have brilliant command on their assets which allow effective tax management.

Adding Value With The Property 

We all want to add value to the property, which can also help in increasing SMSF. Buying property by SMSF i.e a residential or commercial rental property leased to unrelated tenants.

What Are The Responsibilities Of An SMSF Trustee?

There are some responsibilities needed to be performed by SMSF trustees as it comes under their area of responsibility. All the activities must go parallelly with the sole purpose test. Lodging documents associated with SMSF require lodging every year for which many people opt for SMSF services from a professional SMSF accountant or auditor to perform all the SMSF services with perfection. Having sufficient knowledge of finance and the economic domain is essential for trustees to comprehend the investment strategy.

Investment Options

Although SMSFs are free to invest in anything they like, they are not allowed to invest in the domain which can provide any financial benefit to its members in any way.

Investments like Australian shares and property & cash assets constitute two-thirds of SMSF assets.

Knowing Investment Strategy

Every individual has a different level of risk-taking capacity which they take as per their requirement. With SMSF, it becomes the prime priority for individuals to understand the level of risk they can comfortably bear. The role played in understanding the level of risk is dependent on the closeness to retirement age. Other factors are considering liquidity and to what level you along with your members are planning to be dependent upon your superannuation funds after retirement.

Plan To Start SMSF? How Much You Need?

Just like every human being has a different set of expectations from his/her life, the amount to start your SMSF is also different for everyone. SMSF amount which an individual wants to begin depends on various factors. Many financial experts recommend that enough superannuation amount which can cover all the annual administration cost as per the retail or industry fund is the best way to begin the SMSF.

Selecting Other SMSF Members

Although an Individual can be a sole member of its SMSF. Four members can be in the SMSF maximum, making lesser administrative costs as the amounts get divided to all members. For the ones who are sole members in their SMSF, they need to enrol a legal entity as their second trustee. Many married couples start their SMSF as they tend to have similar aspirations from their retirements, making the investment development process simple to understand. SMSF members are free to select anyone as their partner, but anyone among them should have no bad reputation in any way like cases of bankruptcy or any other legal issues.


An easy and simple life is a dream of everyone but planning comprehensively for that is not so simple. We all seek advice and consultation at some point in time as knowing everything is impossible. When it comes to finances, it becomes complex to understand for many of us as understanding the digits game is a tough nut to crack. If you are too willing to start your SMSF or looking for accounting or financial support, taking the help of an SMSF accountant or auditor will serve you in many ways. The expert accountants are excellent communicators who will understand all your requirements and provide you with tailor-made support for your SMSF. Lastly, laws and regulations are associated with SMSFs, therefore being aware of all the risks before considering setting up an SMSF is the best decision leading to a secure and planned future.

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