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5 SEO Automation Tools You Need Try

Search Engine Optimization tools play a very important role to increase the visibility of your website. It can help you make your website appear on top of the search engine results page. Search engine optimization is considered as an essential process for small businesses and website owners.

SEO Automation tools are essential to your search strategy because it focuses on the elements of your site that are deemed important in Google. Since some SEO tools are free to use, you will need to take into consideration of the tools that can add efficiency to the strategy that you have.

Unfortunately, search engine optimization can be tough, especially if you don’t use tools that will help improve your website ranking. To help you, here are 5 SEO automation tools that you can try that might help you with your SEO success.


If you are running WordPress, this might be the only SEO tool that you need. Yoast makes sure that all content that is created and published can be optimized for search engine optimization. It is a suggested SEO tool for blog posts.

It makes sure that you are using the correct text description on images. It can check if the keywords are in the proper place and how many links you’ve used. You can use this tool to optimize tags and content, generate instant sitemaps, and many more. It shows you a preview of your page in the results page and lets you make changes.


It is a comprehensive link analysis that is used for keyword searches. It is for checking and analyzing backlinks that provides an accurate information of websites and also helps you create backlinks and reject toxic backlinks. It also reveals the most common anchor texts, five most linked-to pages, and the total number of referring domains and backlinks.

It is the best tool to quickly crawl a backlink and analyze it. On top of that, it has the biggest index of backlinks. Ahrefs has three main tools; site explorer, which shows the performance of a specific webpage, content explorer, which allows searching a high-performance webpage, and keyword explorer, which produces monthly search volume.


This SEO tool allows you to easily assess your ranking and make changes to them as well as new ranking opportunities. SEMrush is usually used because of its popular feature, the Domain Vs. Domain analysis that allows you to compare your website to other competitors and find the right keywords for your SEO campaigns.

It offers numerous toolkits that allow you to plug in a website page to see the keyword’s ranking, page’s rank for that keyword and keyword’s monthly search volume. SEMrush is undeniably the most admired and well-known SEO software in the market.


Moz SEO software is a recommended SEO tool by experts. It is a full-service powerhouse. It provides resources needed to identify SEO opportunities, build reports, track growth, and optimize overall efforts. It helps you increase the chance of your website to gain traffic and makes sure that the listing of your business is related, clear, and easy for users to see.

Moz Local is one of the most popular local SEO tools that submit precise statistics of your business data to all systems and online business information. When you avail a subscription to Moz Local, it can let you manage and monitor well known sites with updated user reviews without visiting them individually.

Screaming Frog

It is the search marketer’s best friend because of its powerful application that can audit your website’s SEO. Screaming Frog checks the site you specify and examine the URLs for common SEO issues. The tool goes through all links, images, codes, and meta descriptions to give you an SEO audit.

Screaming Frog has an option to export your audit to a spreadsheet that can be printed out or kept on file for access. It can also find broken links and check what needs to be updated, discover duplicate content, analyze page titles and metadata, review robots and directives, and crawl javascript websites.


SEO automation tool is necessary for a website that is trying to increase their rank and to stay competitive. If you have a higher search ranking, your website will have a higher domain authority, higher traffic, and potentially increase your conversions. There is no easy way in making your website appear at the best results page of search engines. It takes time, effort, and resources.

You have to increase your traffic, run SEO experiments, and utilize tools in order to make your website gain its place on top of the search results page. The tools that are listed above are just some of the SEO automation tools that you can try for your website. To explore more of the SEO tools, you can visit to find out the latest news and trends.

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