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Different initiatives have been created to promote IT companies and develop AI in Ukraine at large. AI HOUSE is one of those projects that welcomes IT specialists and people interested in this area. Sergey Tokarev, co-founder of the tech company ROOSH, announced AI HOUSE launch Camp and its main purpose.

AI HOUSE represents a big AI community in Ukraine. This year, the initiative is launching a specialized five-day camp where Ukrainian experts can get more practice on how to develop startups. Sergey Tokarev underlies that AI HOUSE includes the portfolio of Roosh.

The camp will be conducted offline in Lviv, Ukraine, from 11 to 15 September. The main purpose of the project is to help specialists with Generative AI startup ideas and allow developers to improve their products. Engineers, researchers, marketing specialists, project managers, and enthusiasts in ML and AI are welcome to the camp. The deadline for registration to the camp is 28 August, 2023.

AI HOUSE camp focuses on both people with IT experience and people who do not have a technical background but are interested in AI. Only 35 candidates are eligible to participate in the camp. The candidate selection will be made according to their ideas and experiences. The camp’s program involves creating seven teams, and each team will receive a task to develop a certain idea under an assistant mentor’s guidance.

“At Roosh, we know how to grow startups and invest in new ideas. Therefore, our AI HOUSE team is launching a Camp that gathers the most ambitious AI specialists to create Generative AI startups. 5 days of full immersion in work, where you will generate ideas and share experiences with like-minded people,”shares Tokarev.

Only the best teams will be rewarded with exclusive prizes for taking part in the camp and presenting the most successful technological solutions. These prizes include consideration by the tech company ROOSH for further investment and scaling.

Sergey Tokarevnotes the guests who will evaluate the participants’ final works. They are CTO and co-founder of Reface Oles Petriv, Investment Analyst at Roosh Ventures Anna Melnychuk, Head of Research at SQUAD Oleksandr Zarechkovy, and co-founder and Head of R&D of ZibraAI startup Vlad Zavadsky.

“AI HOUSE Camp 2023 is an important initiative to achieve our mission to promote creating new AI product companies and developing artificial intelligence in Ukraine. We want to combine AI and ML enthusiasts from all over the country with experienced mentors to create new Generative AI solutions and implement ideas that will shape the future,” says the AI HOUSE team.

According to Sergey Tokarev, AI HOUSE Camp’s participation cost is meant to be a donation of 1000 hryvnia or more. The rest of the expenses are covered by the organizer. All proceeds will be transferred to Reaktivna Poshta. It is a charitable organization, providing gunners with spare parts, equipment, and other necessary materials since 2014.

ROOSH is the main partner of the event. Other partners include the Faculty of Applied Sciences of the Ukrainian Catholic University and one of the largest R&D centers in Ukraine SQUAD.

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