Thu. May 30th, 2024
Serhii TokarevSerhii Tokarev

Serhii Tokarev, an IT entrepreneur and co-founder of Roosh, has announced a shift in the company’s trajectory. Roosh, a Ukrainian investment group is stepping into a new frontier with Roosh X. It is going to be a strategic investment direction aimed at maximizing profitability. This move signifies a departure from the traditional growth-at-all-costs mentality, as Tokarev and his team prioritize sustainable business models over fleeting unicorns.

Roosh X marks a pivot for the investment group, which has long been associated with fostering innovation and scaling startups worldwide. Partnering with Canadian venture studio Tiny Studio, Roosh X seeks to redefine the landscape of European private capital. They offer flexible funding solutions and unparalleled business development support. Serhii Tokarev’s vision for Roosh X transcends mere financial backing; it embodies a holistic approach to nurturing profit-oriented startups while empowering founders to maintain control over their company’s development.

In a recent announcement on Facebook, Serhii Tokarev revealed Tiny Studio as Roosh X’s first ever partner, emphasizing their shared commitment to sustainable growth and profitability. Together, they aim to revolutionize the European market by providing founders with access to capital ranging from $500,000 to $10 million, together with invaluable expertise in scaling and exiting startups.

The idea of Roosh X aligns with a shifting paradigm in the startup ecosystem, where founders increasingly seek alternatives to the relentless pursuit of a unicorn status. By prioritizing profitability and long-term viability, Roosh X offers a refreshing alternative to the traditional fundraising cycle. As Serhii Tokarev notes, Our approach allows entrepreneurs to retain control over the direction of their company’s development while ensuring its long-term viability.”

The strategic partnership between Roosh X and Tiny Studio holds immense promise for tech companies seeking sustainable growth strategies. By leveraging Roosh’s platform and Tiny Studio’s expertise in startup development, founders gain access to a comprehensive suite of resources, from strategic consulting to talent acquisition. This collaborative approach empowers founders to strengthen their market positions, optimize operations, and achieve their strategic objectives.

According to Oliver Low, CEO of Tiny Studio, the partnership with Roosh X represents a paradigm shift in venture investing. Together, they aim to support founders in building profitable businesses that prioritize sustainable growth over short-term gains. This sentiment is echoed by Den Dmytrenko, Roosh co-founder and partner, who emphasizes the transformative potential of Roosh X’s approach to investment.

Roosh X and Tiny Studio offer tech companies a suite of services tailored to their needs:

  • Investment for business development and revenue growth
  • Access to highly skilled developers and specialists in AI/ML fields
  • Support in creating and transforming products to increase revenue
  • Development of new revenue streams and strategic consulting
  • Guidance and support for executive and core teams
  • Exit, if necessary

By prioritizing profitability and sustainable growth, Roosh X aims to redefine the trajectory of European venture capital, one investment at a time. Roosh X is poised to usher in a new era of profit-focused investment, empowering founders to chart their own path to success.

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