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Your engagement is undoubtedly one of the most special days of your life, the day that most probably is the beginning of your life with your beloved. So, it is no surprise that everything about the day needs to be special and memorable, especially the engagement ring. Each diamond sparkles in its way, and choosing one that suits your taste and style perfectly might seem hard. However, depending on your preferences and taste, you can pick from the different cuts of engagement diamond rings we have listed below!

Most popular diamond cuts

The cut of the diamond is one of the most important factors that decide the shape of the diamond, and this can decide how well your diamond goes with your style. A few most popular styles of diamond cuts for engagement diamond rings are:

1. Round cut

Round cuts are one of the most sought-after designs for diamond rings. One reason for this is how the shape of the diamond maximizes the light reflected through the stone, therefore, enhancing the sparkle on your finger! If you are into the classic style, the round cut might be the right option.

2. Princess cut

Every bride would want to feel like a princess on their special day, so why not enter your wedding in style with a beautiful princess cut diamond ring? The princess ring is so popular because of its versatile shape. Another great thing about the princess cut is that it is less expensive than the round cut but will not fail to enhance your outfit with that geometrical, modern look!

3. Emerald cut

With its charming rectangular cut with cropped corners, the emerald cut is another magical option that is popular for its vintage appeal. While the emerald cut has a dramatic, understated sparkle than the rest, its chic silhouette does not fail to capture the clarity of the diamond dramatically. The cut of these engagement diamond rings is also not super flashy and is perfect for anybody looking for a huge sparkler.

4. Cushion cut

These brilliant engagement diamond rings will not fail to steal hearts, featuring a square-cut combination with rounded soft corners! This diamond ring cut has been around for hundreds of years now and is often compared to a pillow because of its soft corners. If you want something more unique, you could always create a design of your own by making the main stone an emerald or a ruby while the rest are diamonds.

5. Marquise cut

The marquise cut, also known as the Navette cut, is popular among engagement diamond rings designs because of its regal look. It is an oval with two pointed ends, and its narrow shape makes an ideal minimal engagement ring. Its cut may not seem traditional, which is why some people might find it unappealing.

Tips to choosing the perfect engagement diamond rings

When choosing engagement diamond rings, here are a few things you need to consider to make the process easier:

1) Decide on the shape: Choosing the cut and the shape of the diamond are essential when deciding which ring design would be perfect for you. Therefore, before beginning the process, it is necessary to decide on the shape of the diamond first and narrow it down to exactly what you want. Each shape has a different price, so make sure that the cut you choose is affordable.

2) Choosing the metal: Before looking at engagement diamond rings, make sure you know exactly which metal you want to help you narrow down the designs. The most popular metals and gold and platinum, and if you choose gold, you will also have to decide on the shape of the diamond engagement ring you require.

3) Matching it with the wedding band: It might be easy to get caught up with all the designs and choose the right one, but when picking one, ensure that it goes well with your wedding ring as well. Your wedding band is as important as your engagement ring, so them not going together might end up looking like a disaster.

When picking engagement diamond rings online, make sure that you measure your finger perfectly according to the size guide on the website. Getting engaged can be a beautiful milestone in life, so let your diamond shine as bright as your love on your special day!

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