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Seven Common Myths About Cameron Impact Scholarship 2021

Many students have heard about Cameron Impact Scholarships and wonder how they can apply. The Cameron Foundation is a nonprofit organization that offers scholarships to high school seniors who are interested in pursuing careers in public service. To qualify, you must be graduating high school or college in 2021 with at least a 3.0 GPA, demonstrate financial need, and have leadership skills and an interest in public service. There are seven common myths that many people believe about the scholarship when it’s actually quite easy to learn more about them!

1. Myth: I Have to Study Law to Apply for the Scholarship

In reality, you don’t need to be an attorney or study law specifically in order to qualify for the Cameron Impact Scholarship 2021. The foundation provides just over 50 per cent of all scholarships each year that are awarded to students studying political science or public administration at any school in the United States. This includes both public and private universities across the country.

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2. Myth: I Have to Be an American Citizen in Order to Apply for the Scholarship

Although you must be a United States citizen in order to receive the $54,000 per year scholarship at one of their partner schools, this is not a requirement that has to do with the scholarship itself. Even if you are not yet a United States citizen, you can still apply through this program as soon as you gain citizenship. If you have already received citizenship, it’s not too late to apply for the 2021 award.

3. Myth: I Have to Apply Right Away

One common misconception is that students must act on the Cameron Foundation’s application immediately after they receive it. However, the foundation receives almost more than double the amount of applications they have space for each year. This means that there is no deadline to apply. It takes approximately two months for the foundation to process all completed applications and notify award winners about their status in April or May during a ceremony at Washington, D.C.’s Capitol Hill.

4. Myth: I Have to Have a High GPA in Order to Qualify

It’s true that you must have a minimum 3.0 GPA on your high school transcript or current college grades in order to receive this scholarship. However, the foundation has been known to provide even higher scholarships to applicants who have shown initiative through involvement in extra-curricular activities.

5. Myth: I Have to Be a United States Citizen in Order to Apply for the Scholarship

While you must be a US citizen to receive the $54,000 per year award, there is no requirement that applicants be United States citizens when they apply. The application process is similar to that of most colleges and universities across the country. You must submit an application form, personal essay, transcripts, letters of recommendation from teachers, a letter of intent from yourself, and a scholarship essay.

6. Myth: I Have to Apply in My State in Order to Qualify for the Scholarship

Another common misconception is that students have to apply in the state that they are studying in. This is also not true, and there has never been a residency requirement for eligibility with this program. As long as you plan to attend one of the 150 partner schools of the foundation, you can apply regardless of where you live or will be living at the time. There are currently 15 students who have been awarded the scholarship who did not attend one of the partner schools.

7. Myth: I Have to Study Political Science or Public Administration in Order to Apply for the Scholarship

There is also a misconception that you must be studying political science or public administration specifically in order to qualify for this program. This is another myth, and students majoring in fields like business, biology or engineering have been known to successfully apply for the scholarship.

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How Can I Apply for the Scholarship?

If you think that you may qualify for this scholarship opportunity and would like to learn how to apply, visit their website at You can also email them at [email protected] by sending a request for one of their informational packets.

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