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We all have a dream of becoming a great public speaker but only few amongst us are able to realize that dream. This is so because we don’t always have the essential skills for becoming a great public speaker and thus. We need to practice these skills in order to become fluent, proficient and great public speakers.

Some Essential Skills for becoming a great public speaker: –




The first and most important skill is practice. As they say that practice makes a man perfect, thus if you practice hard then you will become a great orator and a great public speaker. Practice again and again. Practice hard and stop not till you become confident, fluent and proficient. Thus by practicing again and again you will become a fantastic public speaker.




It is very important also to have a good sense of humor and an ability to think on your feet. You will be able to engage the audience and win their hearts with your sense of humor and they will connect to you and relate to you better.

Thus you should practice jokes and humorous stories before your session so that you can easily make your audience laugh and win over their hearts with your sense of humor.




Body language speaks louder than words and thus your body language should always be proactive and positive. You should appear to be confident and also you should be able to win over your audience through gestures, postures and eye contact.

More than what you say it is the way you say it which counts more and thus it is critical to work on your body language and make it positive.




You should also be able to create a rapport with your audience. This is a critical skill and it is very important for public speaking success. You need to be emphatic and be able to connect with the audience and communicate in a way that they understand.

You need to analyze the minds of the audience and then deliver your message in a style and a way they will best understand. This is a critical skill for public speaking success.




Stories entertain people, engage them and help them understand the concepts better and thus if you want to become a great orator then you need to master the art of storytelling.

You need to emote well and create relatable characters and deliver your message through the stories you recite. Thus your audience will be entertained and you will be able to win over their hearts and minds.




It is very important and critical to work on your language proficiency as only if you are fluent in the English language then you can be a great public speaker. You need to improve your vocabulary and remove your MTI. Also you need to practice hard and improve your communication skills and you can also work on your communication skills by taking English speaking Course Online in India to gain superb communication skills




You should also be a master of using intonation and modulation in your communication and speeches. When you put emotions in your oratory then you are able to make the audience relate with you and there is an instant connect which you create.

Thus if you work on all the above mentioned skills or you enrol for an English Speaking Course Online in India then you will definitely become a good public speaker and you will be able to win the hearts and minds of all and your audience and thus you will taste grand success personally and professionally.

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