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B Pharma after the higher secondary education B Pharma after the higher secondary education

Usually, all students when completed their higher secondary education, they become more focused about their career. Students generally want to take their subjects as per the future job opportunities. So they are mainly looking forward to the job oriented course and B Pharma is considered as a good job oriented course nowadays. B Pharma course provides a wide knowledge of biochemical science as well as health care tips. BPharma students have the ability to do many experiments with medicines and drugs for public welfare. So that this subject is very fond of the students and the market demand for this course is high in recent times. Therefore the plenty of scopes are opened for BPharma students to build their career in this field. Here we discuss the job opportunities in B Pharma after the higher secondary education.

1. Associated with doctors and patients: The role of a pharmacist is the very crucial and vast role in the medicinal fields. After passing out, they are usually connected between doctors and patients. Usually, a pharmacist has worked under a senior doctor or worked as a chemist. A pharmacist also helps the patients to explain the information related to their disease and give details about the prescribed medicines by the doctors.

2. Drug Inspector: If you completed this course, Government jobs are also opened for your career. If you can consider the post of drug inspector, it is a prestigious and demanding option for the pharmacist. Many Governmental selection committees like SSC, UPSC, State Government appoint drug inspector for every year. SElection procedures are varied for each exam. They have a different pattern of selection methodologies to hire for this post. This selection procedure usually follows competitive exams or sometimes it follows the marks obtained in higher secondary education. The salary of this post is very attractive for the candidates as well as other facilities like increment, dearness allowances are adjustable as per the Governmental rules.

3. Pharmacist: If you have licensed pharmacists, you can apply for the posts of pharmacists in Central Government hospitals like AIIMS, Railways, ESIC, Army hospitals, etc. They can provide a respectable as well as an attractive salary in the beginning of your career. If a pharmacist works in State Government hospitals or on a contractual basis, the salary is a little less compared to the Central Government. Selection for this post is made through a competitive exam. Read more, if you know further details about this post.

4. Other Government jobs: Several Government organizations published a vacancy for pharmacy’s students. If you want to pursue a career in Governmental sectors, you should definitely join for this. Good knowledge of this field may grab to crack the Government exams. So build your career in the Government sector and visit the website to gather more details.

5. Pharmaceutical marketing: Medical Representatives are well-known posts nowadays. They are associated with the marketing of pharmaceutical products, medical devices, etc. The growth of this field depends upon the knowledge, communication skills, networking ability, etc. Initially, this job is pretty hectic because of travel and workload but it becomes easy and interesting gradually. The salary package is always very lucrative for Bpharma students. Click here to know about other scopes.

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