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Villa in Sri Lanka

The tourism industry is ever-evolving. It has blossomed into a niche that paves the way for other industries to flourish. But, with changing paradigms, there has been a deviation in the mindsets of travelers too. Sri Lanka is one such destination that is on the to-do bucket list of every luxury traveler. 

While Sri Lanka Private Villa stays were always held in similar regard with 5-star hotels, luxurious vacations have slowly moved towards the private and secluded life. Because leisure and luxury can also be experienced in the wild or nature, away from the concrete, helping us realize the true essence of an authentic vacation. 

Have you ever dreamt of living a private life?

You may not imbibe it professionally, but you can opt for a private villa that will bring your thoughts to reality when on vacation.

Are you looking for a Private Villa in Srilanka?

Uga Ulagalla is a perfect entrée for your next trip to Sri Lanka. The Villas at Uga Ulagalla have refined luxurious vacations as they help you introspect and rediscover yourself while you experience an independent life of your own.

Which are the best Sri Lanka private villas? 

Uga Ulagalla, Anuradhapura is rated as one of the most well-known abodes for tourists because this place sits in the flourishing wild greens with private villas, including a 150-year-old mansion built right in the center. 

Why should you select Uga Ulagalla for your next trip to Sri Lanka?

  • Uga Ulagalla is a perfect blend of architectural heritage and wilderness, giving tourists a unique experience to live the village and the royal life.
  • You also get to experience the nooks and corners of a perfect village, the true essence of a sheltered life, all of which we miss out when living in the concrete jungle. 
  • Wide-spread acres of land have around 25 private villas, each of which has an open space for some karaoke, bbq-parties, drinks, and dance.
  • The villas are also surrounded by private pools, giving you every opportunity to experience a luxurious life. 
  • Experience sports never like before with adventurous activities including archery and kayaking in the local village lakes of Sri Lanka. 

Here are seven reasons that should allure you to stay with Uga Ulagalla, some of the best villas in Sri Lanka.


  • You can live a royal life when in Sri Lanka


You may assume that some of the best stays in Sri Lanka are somewhere close to the beach. However, the true cultural heritage lies in some of the best historic bungalows, which have now been converted into Sri Lankan private villas for tourists to experience. 


  • A Visit to the history to one of the oldest UNESCO sites


Sri Lanka is a place of rich heritage. It is a home to six natural and two cultural world heritage sites. These locations are carefully preserved due to their anthropological importance. Thousands of tourists flock to these sites to experience their beauty. Uga Ulagalla is positioned in the heart of the country and therefore allows easy access to most UNESCO sites, including local attractions.  Most often, we check into a hotel to relax and end up spending most of our time indoors. However, with Uga Ulagalla on your list, you will always be charged with energy to explore the attractions of the country. one such prominent location includes Polonnaruwa, an ancient site having deep history for being the prime spot to be revolutionized by the first ruler of Sri Lanka, situated amid Uga Ulagalla.


  • Strengthen your knowledge of Buddhism


If you want to have a vacation filled with enlightenment or wisdom, then visiting Sri Lanka should be on your list due to its profound history in Buddhism. Aukana is a crucial point to understand the life of Buddha and have an in-depth understanding of Buddhism. It is an archeological site that reads out the life of Buddha through his scriptures and tells you that Sri Lanka is also a country of deep religion. Again, want to get to know the place better? Uga Ulagalla will be at your rescue because a trip to Aukana is easily scheduled through the hotel’s excursion team. 


  • Experience wildlife like never before


Uga Ulagalla is a unique place for it harbors multiple activities and features apart from the usual stay-orientation. Wilpattu & Minneriya National Park is a must visit for all the visitors, especially the animal lovers out there. The national park is an exciting site to view over 400 elephants at once, a rare sight because such a vast herd of elephants passing is not a usual scene. 


  • A destination wedding on a budget


While you are maybe planning to have a destination wedding for your big day, a beach view would be aesthetic, but a royal wedding would be a unique yet modern concept. Uga Ulagalla is perhaps considered one of the best sites to experience the country’s true colors, imbued into your celebration. Right from cocktail parties to food across the globe, their team of experienced chefs, bartenders, and food chefs are trained and qualified to serve your palate the right flavors. 


  • A getaway for family


Are you too busy with your professional life? If yes, you stand a chance to make up for lost time and rekindle family bonds.The vibes that you experience in Sri Lanka are homely. Mainly because it’s the culture and people that live in harmony through differences. Again, Uga Ulagalla can customize some events to make this trip all the most special for you and your family. Want to learn more about their personalizations and services? Give them a ring today and get set for a wonderful family holiday.  


  • Holiday in Privacy


One of the significant reasons to live in a Villa is to have a private holiday. Uga Ulagalla is secluded from the crowd in the green wilderness, and therefore, you get to experience a secluded and intimate holiday away from the world. Uga Ulagalla is the ideal private holiday retreat.

The bottom line!

No matter how many pages you read about Sri Lanka or Uga Ulagalla, the actual moment begins when you experience it yourself. Therefore, get set for one of the most awaited vacations on your list. Book your tickets today and fly to Uga Ulagalla for a life-changing experience. 

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