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SexSex - It’s Not the Only Form of Intimacy That Partners Should Focus On

Exciting and sensual sex life is great and it does come with its own benefits, but it’s not the glue that keeps relationships’ intimacy running strong – are you focusing on the right areas in your relationship?

Intimacy is an interesting word. It actually means “a closeness between people in personal relationships. It’s what builds over time as you connect with someone, grow to care about each other, and feel more and more comfortable during your time together”. 

But for the longest time, society has twisted the word into something linked almost solely to sex.

Of course, sex is incredibly intimate, but there are far more ways of expressing intimacy than just sex. And if you want your romantic relationship to be as solid as the stone for years to come, you might want to give all the forms of intimacy the attention they deserve.

Forms of intimacy worth exploring 

If after reading the following list, you feel like something is missing in your relationship, it’s worth sitting down with your partner and examining whether or not you are blocking out any of the categories mentioned here. 

Physical intimacy

Many might automatically assume that physical intimacy means sex. But there’s more to it than that. Being physically connected to your partner on a deeper level than ordinary sex could provide, can often be achieved by something call tantra. 

Tantra is an ancient Hindu practice that dates back 5,000 years, and it is the act of expanding and weaving the energy of two bodies together through physical touch. This can be done through tantric sex or tantric massage.

Tantra sexology NYC and massage

According to tantra sexology NYC specialists, “Tantra is about much more than simply one’s sexuality it’s about letting go of shame, tapping into the sensual nature of yourself and every living creature on earth. Tantra helps you take notice of the little pleasures life has to offer, strengthening your relationships; harnessing all of your energies for a more fulfilling blissful life.

Tantra sexology NYC and tantric massages are a great option for couples or even individuals who are looking for a deeper, physical and spiritual connection with others or oneself. 

Emotional Intimacy

Being on the same wavelength as your partner emotionally is surely one of the most important forms that intimacy can take on. An emotional block between partners is usually the number one and most damaging issue that couples face today. 

Breaking down social stigmas and allowing ourselves to not only feel our own emotions but also reach out and connect with our partner’s emotions, is quite possibly the most profound act of intimacy there is. 

Intellectual Intimacy

Relationships can be brought up to even higher levels if two people are able to connect through intellectual intimacy. 

Intellectual intimacy is the act of stimulating and enriching the minds of each other in a deep and meaningful way. Taking time to listen to your partner’s thoughts and input and how they interpret the world around them can be a very relationship-enriching habit. 

Creative Intimacy

The act of purposeful creation is something that’s so deeply connected to the human experience, that when we share this activity with our partners, something magical happens. 

Sharing creative intimacy not only stimulates the heart and mind but also rebuilds bonds and connections and strengthens them in ways that are deeply beneficial to couples. Activities like painting, working on home improvement projects, or even cooking meals together, can help couples bond in a creative fashion.

Recreational Intimacy

Play is not just for children. Adults need play as well, lots of it! Recreational intimacy can be as simple as tickling and teasing your partner in bed when you wake up in the morning, or it can be more thoughtful and organized like enjoying an intense hike through the mountains or game of tennis. 

Connecting with your partner through play is not only beneficial to your relationship, but also to your mental and physical health as well. 

A few final words

Intimacy is complex and will vary depending on the intricate workings of each couple’s characteristics and nature. But explore things like tantric massage through Tantra Sexology NYC can help partners find new avenues of connection.

Focusing on the emotional, intellectual, creative, and playful side of intimacy can help improve the health of not only relationships but the overall well-being of life as well. It’s the combination of all forms of intimacy that really brings relationships together in new and profound ways.

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