Thu. Jun 13th, 2024
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Instagram is turning into a prominent channel where brands and businesses can make sales. Earlier Instagram is used by businesses to establish their social presence and directly connect with their customers. 

However, nowadays, Instagram is much more than promotions and engaging followers. It has drastically changed into a social selling platform where businesses and brands can directly sell to their customers interested in their product. 

For brands and marketers, Instagram has become another huge channel to sell their products with an eCommerce website or online store.  

But it is important to strategically utilize this platform; otherwise, you will miss out on huge profit-making opportunities you might don’t want. 

So if you want to boost your sales with Shoppable Instagram, keep stick with this blog till the end, and you will learn strategies that pay off. 

What Do You Understand By Shoppable Instagram?

Shoppable Instagram is also termed Instagram Shopping; it allows merchants to create their product catalog, upload inventory, and sell products directly through Instagram with their targeted audience. 

Users will learn about the product directly on their Instagram feeds and make a direct purchase from the posts or click to reach the eCommerce store that increases brand sales.

Many brands and businesses use the Shoppable Instagram feature to sell their product or services to their audience. 

Brands can tag their products in the post and offer a buy link to their audience, which they click to check the product and find more details related to the product they are interacting with.  

Hence, Shoppable Instagram is a method to sell products to customers and offer them an opportunity to buy the product while going through their Instagram feeds.

Tips To Leverage Sales With Shoppable Instagram

1.  Design Your Instagram Account Like Storefront

The first and foremost task for you to do is build Instagram Profile into a storefront where your customers can easily differentiate between a regular Instagram profile or a business Instagram profile. 

It is crucial to building a compelling and creative Instagram Profile that can easily grab your audience’s attention.  

To leverage sales with Instagram, your customers first might find your Instagram business account authentic, relevant, informative, and trustworthy; only then will they take further action to buy from your Instagram account. 

Your Bio should include business details, phone number, website URL, and content that welcome your customers to your Instagram account.

Create highlights of your Instagram Stories that include your exclusive products, new launches, discounts and offers, customer reviews, and important information about your business or brand. 

2. Resonate Instagram Profile & Posts With Your Brand

As your competitors are already on Instagram, it means you have tough competition. To stand out from competitors, it is important to build a unique and impactful Instagram profile that reflects your brand. 

Your Instagram account should include a consistent brand message. You must build your Instagram profile that resonates with your brand image. 

Pictures, colors in the post, caption content, hashtags, image quality, brand logo, graphics, and everything on your Instagram Business account should reflect your brand’s signature. 

3. Create Content That Personalizes With Your Audience 

Content isn’t considered as the King. Content is a powerful tool to convert even people who never heard about your brand or business into loyal customers. It is the miracle of content that builds a connection with your audience. 

If the content is compelling enough, sounds relevant, and solves your audience’s problems, there is no big deal in selling on Instagram. 

You might build your Instagram profile that resonates with your brand. But building a strong relationship is the only key to generating sales on Instagram. 

Instead of promotional or traditional marketing content, create a quality piece of Instagram content that gives your audience a personalized touch. 

As your competitors are also adopting the same strategy, your audience is bombarded with so much branded content, making it difficult for you to grab your audience’s attention. 

Use your creativity, add value, and create content based on your customer persona to relate with themselves.   

4. Deliver Smooth Shopping Experience On Instagram

The next most important strategy to leverage Shoppable Instagram to bring more sales for your brand is possible with a smooth sailing shopping experience. 

With the Shoppable Instagram feature, you can tag your product/s in the post with their details and buy links so that your customer can directly buy their desired product from the post. 

With an Instagram business account, you can easily tag and sell your product in the post, which makes it easy for your customers to purchase their likable product from the post.  

Bonus: Drive More Sales With Shoppable Instagram Post On Your Website

Yes, you heard it right! You can also increase your brand sales with Shoppable Instagram posts on your website. With the tools’ help, you can easily offer a similar Shoppable Instagram feature on your website or product page where your customers interact with Instagram posts on your website and buy a product featured in the post. 

Shoppable Instagram on the website can be a powerful strategy for your eCommerce website, which fascinates your visitors, engages them with social posts, and allows them to buy the product from the post.

Wrapping Up!

Instagram turned into a strong marketing tool to promote and increase sales for any sort of business. Regardless of business size, Instagram helps every business grow and reach a wider audience. 

Instagram introduced the Shoppable Instagram feature in the last two years. And it is proving to increase exceptional sales for businesses. 

Hence start building your Shoppable Instagram strategy and driving more sales just with the right Instagram marketing game-plan. 

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