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We all gotta go; how you go and what happens after that remains a mystery. However, you can make a few arrangements before your big exit, and letting your loved ones know if burial or cremation is your thing is a great way to get your last request before it’s too late. Most people tend to shun away from this topic, as the thought of dying alone sends goosebumps to many, but we will dive right into this one.

Lying there motionless and lifeless, one wonders, what’s next? This is probably one of the most challenging decisions to make. Based on beliefs, budget, and religion, the decision to be buried or cremated eventually comes down to what is favorable for you and your family.

What is Cremation?

Cremation is the process involving the burning of deceased bodies into ash by extreme heat. This can be done by the use of wood or by a crematory. The crematory is an electrical chamber where a dead body is inserted and heated at very high temperatures until it’s in ashes.

What is Burial?

In this process, after treatment, the deceased’s dead body is buried in the earth so the body can decay in its final resting box. This process is far more involved and expensive. Families should consider services like green burials by Natural Grace for assistance with the burial process before and after death. The burials can be planned and paid for far in advance, so consider these options to save your family the pain of managing it. 

Burial Vs. Cremation

Typically, people opt for cremation because they consider it to be cheaper as compared to the  burial. However, as this is mostly true, extra options can frequently stretch the total cost of cremation and sometimes more than an actual burial.

Advantages of Cremation:

  • Choosing cremation with services can be more therapeutic than choosing for some families as it is more involved.
  • Most people consider cremation an environmentally-friendlier option because you don’t have to disturb any land for burial purposes.
  • Choosing cremation lets you reduce many costs associated with most funerals like the casket, cemetery fee, gravesite, and headstone costs, making it less expensive.
  • Viewing or memorial services give family and friends to share in commemorating the deceased’s life and gives friends a chance to comfort the family.
  • It allows for a wide variety of disposition options. 

Disadvantages of Cremation:

  • Unfortunately, even after the family decides to bury cremated remains still, they end up paying for burial space.
  • Since cremation is barely profitable for the funeral homes, they take advantage of families by selling expensive and unnecessary add-ons. 
  • If you choose to have a viewing ceremony of the body before cremation, there are unforeseen costs, like embalming and costly caskets.

Advantages of Burial:

  • Provides a gravesite for family and friends to visit
  • Considered a more natural method by some
  • Required by some religions
  • The body can be exhumed if necessary.
  • May give loved one’s more closure.

Disadvantages of Burial:

  • Usually, much more expensive than cremating.
  • Difficult for loved ones who live away to visit loved ones

Verdict on burial vs. cremation

Cremation is the better option then burial. Some families like to share the ashes for memories. Note that if you don’t live close to the place of burial, it can be hard to visit. With the ashes close, it can sometimes give comfort. Other than scattering, there is a lot more one can do with ashes, like burying, putting them in fireworks, or crafting them in a piece of jewelry. However, if you prefer a more traditional route, then choose burial, and search for “headstone stores near me“.

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