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Pictures speak much more than words. This is the reason why pictures have always been one of the significant ways to express and capture emotions. You can now visit Presto Gifts to explore the innovative options in customized gifts and pick the best. Here are some examples of the creative gifts listed there:

Some Things to Remember While Placing Your Order for a Photo Collage Online

Here are some important things you must remember while ordering photo collage online:

  • Carefully select photos and quotes to be included in the collage.
  • If you are selecting a mosaic type collage, inform them which photo should be big and which should be small.
  • If you are choosing a slam type or poster type collage, inform what quotes you want to include in the collage.
  • Check the pricing and confirm it before placing the order.
  • Read the terms and conditions carefully so that there is no confusion left.
  • Check the delivery rules to understand how much time will be taken for the gift to be delivered to the recipient’s address.

Once everything seems satisfactory, go ahead and place your order online.

Number Photo Collage

A number photo collage is a good gift when you are celebrating landmark occasions like your child’s 5th birthday or your 25th wedding anniversary. You can select the most memorable pictures that mark the growth of the relationship over the years. You can combine these pictures to make a beautiful number picture collage. This college will evoke nostalgia in the minds of the recipients many years after the occasion too.

Shape Photo Collage

Shape photo collage is another great option. If it is Valentine’s Day and you wish to express love through the gift, go for a heart shaped picture collage. Choose memorable couple pictures and combine them in a beautiful heart shape. If your friend has just been promoted, you may choose a star shaped photo collage to show he is a star. Include landmark career moments of your friend in this collage.

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Alphabet Photo Collage

Another photo collage online that is loved by buyers is Alphabet Photo Collage. You can choose this as a gift for your birthday. Just select the initial of your friend’s name and create an alphabet collage by that letter. Choose memorable pictures of you and your friend to reflect the journey of friendship together.

Poster Photo Collage

You can also create collages in unique ways. You may create a collage like a slam where pictures and quotes combine to create a unique effect. The poster type photo collage will also be great to wish Friendship Day or Teacher’s Day in a unique way. The recipient will love the effort you have put in to come up with something so colourful.

Mosaic Photo Collage

This is another style of presenting the pictures in a collage. This type of college may be ideal to present photos of marriage or such special occasions. You may visit the Presto Gifts website to explore the many ways in which photo collages are displayed.



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