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With so many types of dental concerns that we face them in our routines, it may be a bit hard to decide which one needs emergency dental care. In severe cases, it is never okay to see a dentist after a day or two, the problem shows up. The whole decision relies on you whether you want to get it treated from an expert dentist or not. 

Instead of this, it is always better to stay prepared as these emergencies can arrive at any moment. And if you are not sure enough on how to determine the serious ones, then here we’ve put together a list of signs that indicate immediate dental care. 

Bleeding Gums

The most common sign is seeing your gums bleeding, after the moment you floss or brush. Typically, it is counted as a warning sign of gum disease. Plus, you will also notice some weird smell while flossing, and your gums might begin to ache. In simple words, treatment is vital in such a situation. If in any case, you ignore this, the chances are that your teeth may never return to their healthy state. So head to a reputable emergency dental clinic around you to see what treatment options can save your brilliant smile.

Unexpected Tooth Loss/Broken Tooth

As an adult, losing a tooth is not only just uncomfortable but also awkwardly severe. Once the tooth falls or knocks out, you need to see the dentist right away. If quick action is taken, then there are very fewer chances that it may be replanted. On the other hand, cracked or broken teeth can be the scenario. The right treatment is only suggested by the dentist as per the location and the severity of the tooth.


Usually, swelling is considered as an infection sign and can be potentially intimidating. So seeing a professional dentist can be the only answer to this. Just for your information, an individual experiences swelling in his gums, lymph nodes, and even face during this. If not treated on time, they can enter into the bloodstream while posing severe health problems. Here, make sure to share with your dentist the period of this issue to get them treated properly. 

Weird Pain

When gums or teeth experience severe pain, then they keep you awake. Sometimes, the situation can worsen when it spreads out to the jaw, ear, or neck. Lying down may increase the discomfort to a certain extent, but still, the issue won’t sort out. It is recommended to visit an expert emergency dental care and get a dental examination done. The X-rays will determine what treatment options will heal this urgent situation. 

Popping Jaw

Along with the pain, if you ever encounter a popping sensation or you find your jaw kind of locked, then again it indicates immediate dental care. The characteristic sign of this can be extreme pain while chewing food or grinding noise in the jaw. So better get it checked to manage the severity. 

Sore Teeth

At times, specific growth can be there in the mouth, which could be a sign of oral cancer. Only a certified dentist can do a precise screening and use the required equipment to identify the abnormalities. So don’t wait for it to develop more, only your dentist can be your first line of defence. 

Bad Smell

Besides, when you find your mouth tasting like metal, then this means your crown or filling has become loose. If left open, it can readily welcome cavities and infection. So get it fixed to reduce the chances of these consequences. 

Severe Toothache

Another common sign that most of the individuals run into is a critical toothache. So for the very next time when you have that considerable and discomforting pain, make sure to schedule an appointment with an emergency dental clinic near you. There are chances that you might have to get an emergency tooth extraction or root canal treatment done. 

In the end, don’t hesitate to consider a professional dentist whenever you encounter any of the signs as mentioned earlier. Without any second thought, emergencies should be taken seriously as it is vital for your oral health and overall well being. 

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