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Kidney disease can get anyone, but older people are at higher risk of getting the disease compared to small children. You can book an appointment with Ghayyath Sultan, M.D. if you suspect that you have kidney disease. So, how do you know you might be suffering from kidney disease? Here are some symptoms to look out for.


You’re having problems sleeping

Kidneys play an important role in filtering your blood. If they fail to filter it correctly, toxins will build up in your blood. Toxins in the blood will make you tired and suffer from sleep apnea. If the amnesia is not being caused by stress or other common things, have your kidneys checked.


You’re having trouble concentrating

Toxins in the blood make you feel tired. Severe kidney disease will make you feel weak, and you can find it hard to concentrate when doing your daily activities. Also, another complication of kidney disease is anemia, which is known to cause fatigue and weakness.


Your skin becomes dry and itchy

Healthy kidneys remove toxins from your skin, and if they fail to do their job properly, the toxins will move to the skin. The kidneys also purify the red blood cells and maintain the minerals in the blood. Lack of enough minerals usually causes dry, itchy skin.


You have blood in your urine

Healthy kidneys don’t carry the red blood cells into your urine. You know your kidneys are damaged if you keep seeing blood in your urine. Also, blood cells in the urine can be a warning sign of a more severe problem like tumors, infections, or even kidney stones.


You frequently get the urge to pee

Visit your doctor if you are urinating more often, especially at night. Damaged or infected kidneys increase the urge to go to the bathroom. Frequent urination could also be a warning sign of enlarged prostate or urinary tract infections.


Your feet and ankles are swollen

Kidneys regulate your body’s minerals, including sodium. When the kidneys are not working properly, the sodium will be retained in your blood. Sodium makes your ankles and feet swell. However, sodium retention can also be a warning sign of other underlying liver or heart disease.


Your urine is foamy

Foamy urine is an indication there are proteins in your urine. Visit your doctor if you notice that your urine is foamy and you have to flush your toilet several times. The foam can also be caused by urinary tract infections.


Your eyes are puffy

Puffy eyes are a result of protein buildup in the urine. When your kidneys fail to retain the protein in the blood, your eyes will become puffy. However, puffy, swollen eyes could be a result of amnesia.


Kidney disease can be corrected, especially when diagnosed early. Book an appointment with doctors at Houston Kidney Specialist Center if you’re worried you might be suffering from kidney disease. Their friendly team will offer personalized care and treatment until you’re free from any kidney disease.

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