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alternatives to 123Movies

As we know, watching movies and TV series is a great way to spend leisure time. Almost every month, there are new movies being released and there are numerous brand new TV series as well.

If you do not want to spend money to go to a theater and watch all the new movies, you need to use 123movies.123Movies had been an appealing place that lets you find movies that you can watch. But over the years, the Vietnam-based site has been the target of many shutdowns and attempts to disrupt its services.

While the network still works on many clone sites, those sites are becoming few and far between.

123movies is an online place to whom every movie fanatic is very well aware. The site has a very long record of being one of the best places for online movie streamers. But the original website is not available anywhere. It is now being operated in the world by the mirror links and websites and managed by different peoples. Now you might be thinking why it is not available, why is 123Movies made down for the users, etc.

The good news is that there are several websites https://hammburg.com/out there that work as helpful alternatives to 123Movies. These are useful choices for your entertainment use that deserve your attention.

Some of these sites also focus on specific programs that might be more interesting to you, although it helps to compare each place to figure out what fits for your entertainment desires.

Is it legal to access 123movies for watching online movies?

Technically, 123Movies was not doing anything wrong as it was just gathering and providing Streaming of the already available Content to the users and was not hosting or providing any Content from itself. But still, it was making some severe loss to the owners of the Content which 123Movies was providing. Since 123Movies website is all about online Streaming and to get your answer you have to check out whether your country has online Streaming as a right thing or not because, in countries like the USA, and Germany, online Streaming is not legal. So, if you are living in one such country, then Streaming from 123Movies is not permitted by any means.

123movies shutted down. Why

On March 19, 2018, 123Movies itself announced the shutdown. They displayed a message in which they thanked all the users for being with 123Movies ever since its launch. They also gave a message to always for every movie/show to pay respect to all the people behind that movie/show. The shutdown notice was announced only on the classic homepage of the website and was visible after MPAA’s branding of 123Movies as “the most popular illegal site in the world”.

As far as the reason for the shutdown is concerned, 123Movies didn’t elaborate on the cause. However, March 2018’s latest list of “Notorious Markets” sent by MPAA to the U.S. links to a criminal investigation. To have a piece of more profound knowledge about the 123Movies shutdown, you can refer to Torrent Freak. They have covered each news related to 123Movies.

Top popular sites for online movies and live TV streaming


The name HDO sounds familiar, but the place is more unique than others because HDO provides great movies in full HD. You can look around the site to find information on the newest movies of note.

The strong assortment of movies you’ll have to work with here are ones that are more appealing than you might expect. The latest television shows on the site include many that are more intriguing for you to try out.

You can also request a movie to appear on the site if it is not available, although this might take an extra bit of time for you to find something


FMovies has recently gone through extensive remodeling. The design on the site comes with a more intriguing look that lets you find movies based on the keyword.

Enter in a movie of interest or something like an actor’s name, and you’ll come across plenty of content featuring that person.

The assortment of movies around the place is worthwhile thanks to the many sections, although the adult section is one part of FMovies that is becoming increasingly popular among users.


Movie25.meis another site that requires you to sign up for a free account to start using. The process for applying for an account only takes a few moments.

After that, you can search around for many films from various genres. The assortment of films that you have to work with is entertaining and should help you find something of note.

Movie Watcher

The most popular movie streaming platform that is an alternative to 123Movies is Movie Watcher. This is a free website that allows users to watch different genres of videos without a hassle. Additionally, all movies are available even though users did not register or fill in any of their personal information. Movie Watcher features blockbuster and trending movies wherein viewers would be surely hooked. Also, depending on the video, users can stream the movies in HD quality like 720p or 1080p. Additionally, Movie Watcher is also accessible on other devices like mobile phones and laptops. However, one major drawback of the site is that it will redirect users to an advertisement whenever users click a movie.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV is the next solution that works like 123Movies in 2020. This video streaming website provides more than a thousand of movies from different genres. Tubi TV streams content from blockbuster producing companies like MGM, Paramount, Lions gate, and more. Additionally, the site is available to access almost any device available, including smartphones, TVs, and gaming consoles. In case users prefer to register an account, users could receive notifications, updates, and newsletters from Tubi TV weekly. Moreover, its main interface is so clean that the films shown are appropriately categorized according to their genres.

Prime Wire

Yet another popular place to satisfy your movie hunger is Prime Wire. There are tons of movies and TV Shows that you can go with to entertain yourself. Prime Wire has almost every kind of Movie. Whether it be Antion, Adventure, Thriller or Sci-Fi, Comedy, etc. it has something for everyone. However, if you are obsessed with food, modern and minimalist looks, then you might feel bad while surfing on Prime Wire. Prime Wire has a severely outdated and unpolished design, and for searching the Movie, there is just a simple search bar.

 You can either type the name of the Movie or the IMDb ID of that Movie to search. The quality and streaming facility of Prime Wire is not so like its look. The quality of the available Content is just, impressive, and the streaming online Media Player is also up to the mark. There will be no issue in reaching the streaming page of any movie. All a user has to do is to click on the Movie.

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