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Simple Ways To Prevent Cancer

What you eat and how you live can affect numerous aspects of your health, such as your risk of developing heart diseases, cancer, diabetes, etc. Cancer is a life-changing disease and if it is not detected in time, it is usually incurable. Cancer is of 120 types and lung cancer, breast cancer, skin cancer, blood cancer are amongst the most common types.

Cancer treatment can be draining for the patient as well as the entire family because it is a long-term treatment and the medications are harsh. This is why undertaking some lifestyle changes that decrease the risk of developing cancer becomes necessary. You can begin including some food items like broccoli, carrots, beans, berries, nuts, turmeric, citrus fruits, etc. in your diet that help prevent cancer. Apart from this, consult the best doctor in Mumbai and follow the tips mentioned below to decrease the risk of getting cancer.

#1 Healthy Weight

Maintaining a healthy weight is important so that you remain healthy. Excessive body fats can be risky and a contributing factor to getting cancer. Exercising regularly will help maintain regular blood flow, avoid blockages in your blood vessels, reduce cholesterol, and decrease stress. You can begin walking regularly after lunch and dinner or enroll yourself in dance, yoga, swimming, or sports activity.

Apart from that, eating a diet rich in whole grains, fruits, and vegetables is also necessary. You can try and eat small portions and chew slowly. If you have children in your house, make sure they take out time to play and not sit in front of the TV or smartphone the entire day. Also, encourage healthy snacking on vegetables and fruits.

#2 Say No To Smoking

Smoking is amongst the top reasons causing oral cancer and lung cancer. If you smoke and decide to quit, you are not only decreasing your risk of developing cancer but also preventing your loved ones. Even passive smoking is extremely harmful.

Quitting may take six or seven failed attempts if you smoke regularly but eventually, you would be able to quit. If your friends’ circle or colleagues are regular smokers, ask them not to smoke in front of you or avoid hanging out with them in closed areas. Start visiting smoke-free zones to steer clear of the harmful smoke.

You can also join an anti-smoking program. If you have kids, brief them about the harmful effects of chewing tobacco and smoking. You can ask their school to organize a counseling session for the same.

#3 Change Your Diet

If you love fast food, soft drinks, alcohol, sugary foods, fried foods, etc., you must consider altering your diet and include cancer-fighting foods. You should increase the intake of whole grains, vegetables, and fruits as well as decrease eating food high in calories and red meat.

You can begin using olive oil or canola oil because they are rich in healthy fats. Avoid eating refined foods and try to choose healthier options like whole-wheat bread, whole-grain cereal, oatmeal cookies, etc. Instead of red meat, eat chicken and fish. Make sure each of your meals contains vegetables and fruits.

#4 Drink In Moderation

Moderate drinking is recommended to maintain good heart health. But excessive drinking increases the chances of getting cancer. If you do not drink, you should not start consuming alcohol in the first place. If you drink in moderation (men – 2 drinks per day, women – 1 drink per day), you do not have to worry. However, if you drink more than that, you must definitely cut down your alcohol consumption.

You can choose non-alcoholic drinks at parties and meals. Controlling alcohol consumption is also an effective technique. Additionally, while hosting a party, keep the focus on food instead of alcohol.

#5 Limit Exposure To Sun

Almost 90% of Vitamin D comes from the sunlight and not from supplements of food. Lack of Vitamin D can decrease communication between cells, which may cause them to stop sticking and allowing the cancer cells to spread. However, that does not mean you would spend hours in the sun.

Spending up to 15 minutes under the sun is sufficient to fulfill your Vitamin D requirements. Overexposure can lead to skin cancer. You can wear long-sleeve shirts, hats, and use good-quality sunscreens for protection. If your child loves playing outside, make sure they do not play during the peak hours (10 a.m. 4 p.m.) and during this time, you should also avoid exposing yourself to the burning heat of the sun.


There is no way to prevent cancer completely. However, staying and eating healthy, avoiding drinking and smoking, and exercising regularly would boost your overall mental and physical health. Apart from this, you will witness numerous health benefits like reduced cholesterol, sugar level, fat percentage, stress, anxiety, etc. As a result, you would decrease the risk of developing cancer.

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